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How to Store, Manage and Process Your Media Content for Today's Market

Alibaba Cloud provides a range of cloud-based media solutions to help you easily and securely manage and process your media content.

To learn more about how to store, manage and process your content with ease, download How to Ready Your Content for Today's Media Market whitepaper today.

Digitization has hit the media industry, hard. Consumers now demand high-quality content, available without any restrictions and across any device, location and platform. This places media organizations under tremendous pressure to store, manage and process their content, fast.

But traditional content management tasks are highly resource-intensive – from both a data and human perspective. This is where a cloud-based solution can help, providing you with intuitive solutions including scalable storage options and fast content generation. At Alibaba Cloud, we provide a range of Media Solutions to achieve this. These include:

Cloud Video Editing

On-demand content is now the norm for many media consumers, helping businesses reach wider audiences through live online events and other promotional activities.

The ApsaraVideo VOD allows you to build secure, scalable, and highly customizable Video on Demand (VOD) platforms and applications with ease.

It comes with a range of video recording, online video editing and production tools, with integrated media resource management and visualized editing functions to improve the efficiency of your video editing tasks.

For example, using our Media Resource Management features, you can upload and manage multiple types of media resources and also create a storyboard to quickly crop and splice videos with special effects, such as subtitles and masks.

Cloud Video Processing

Transcoding is a key media processing activity. It's also extremely computationally intensive, often requiring powerful CPUs or graphics acceleration capabilities.

Thanks to the nature of the cloud, you don't have to make an upfront investment in any expensive hardware or pay ongoing operations and maintenance costs. You can just use the computational resources you need, when you need them. To achieve this, our ApsaraVideo Media Processing is a high-quality transcoding service, transforming content into formats suitable for multiple devices with ease.

It's also ultra-fast and allows you to deploy your content across multiple regions, thanks to the global reach of the Alibaba Cloud network.

Thanks to the scalability of the cloud, ApsaraVideo Media Processing can also handle high-concurrency scenarios with ease and provide efficient transcoding to optimize playback for your users.

For example, this transcoding service features NarrowBand HD and high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) technology, helping you save up to 30% of your traffic costs compared to competing technologies.

ApsaraVideo Media Processing also comes with a full digital restoration service and a range of highly scalable media transcoding templates and custom transcoding parameters. So, you can make your archive footage available on today's formats and platforms.

Secure Media Archive

While the provision of accessible content is a must for any media organization, you must also secure this content across your entire media lifecycle.

Our Secure Media Archive addresses this area, allowing you to ingest, store, manage, distribute, and encrypt your content, helping you meet the media industry's best practices and standards with ease.

Thanks to the elasticity of the cloud, your content is also available without any additional resources. Secure Media Archive also deals with large media files with ease.

That's not all. Thanks to our global network and suite of cloud-based products, you can safely move your content around the world. Our Express Connect and encrypted Smart Access Gateway services, for example, provide cross-region connections. You can also use our Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution to connect to other VPCs and on-premises resources.

AI-Based Tagging

Metadata is an important tool and our Cloud Tagging Services provide traditional, manual tagging as well as an AI-based tagging function to improve your video content indexing and management capabilities.

With our Cloud AI-Based Tagging Service, you can reduce your workload and tag content across ten or more categories. This can increase your processing speeds by up to seven times, even for HD 1080 content, which massively accelerates your content launching capabilities.

To summarize, today's vast multimedia archives require the right storage options to not only secure your content but also maintain it for future generations. Alibaba Cloud provides the perfect environment for this, offering scalable storage options and removing the need to commission or maintain new resources.

Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based products and services for today's media organizations. To find out more, download How to Ready Your Content for Today's Media Market whitepaper today.

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