Community Blog How Moving to the Cloud Fosters Innovation for Enterprises?

How Moving to the Cloud Fosters Innovation for Enterprises?

This article discusses the importance of technology innovation for enterprises to penetrate new markets, with success stories from our customers.

As the technology landscape and customer demands are growing rapidly, organizations need new ways to keep abreast with these constant changes. Innovation is fundamental to modern businesses as companies unable to match up can fatally succumb to the competition. Many companies globally are already reinventing business models, embracing digital transformation, moving to the cloud, shifting from waterfall to Agile product development, and adopting new ways to improve end-user experience.

Innovation gives companies the edge to penetrate new territories, forge a better connection to developing markets leading to more significant opportunities. Some companies that lack the expertise to traverse the complex innovation journey consider partnering with technology giants that help accelerate innovation using digital technologies such as internet of things (IoT), blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and cloud computing, among others.

Cloud Computing - A Fundamental to Innovation

Cloud computing is primarily known to improve collaboration, inject efficiency, streamline infrastructure, and cut costs. However, if used correctly, cloud technology helps businesses achieve so much more. Cloud monitors and manages resources automatically eliminating the need to deploy resources specifically for this work. It frees up the resources and helps enterprises focus more on business innovation. Enterprises can customize user experience, go to market faster with reduced delivery cycles, prototype new products rapidly, reach customers without boundaries, and expand features of products and services. Cloud becomes the go-to technology to integrate internal organization systems with external client-facing applications and build a one-stop data warehouse for enhanced decision making. There are many other benefits of adopting cloud.

Alibaba Cloud provides innovative products and solutions ranging from storage, networking, databases, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, among others helping companies innovate their business and overcome some of the most rugged challenges. Alibaba Cloud is currently offering up to 50% off on cutting-edge products to fuel enterprises innovation. Get this offer now!

Over time, Alibaba Cloud has helped multiple multinational enterprises breakthrough and innovate including setting up business in China, build a well-connected global network, accelerate content delivery, secure business data, or in general move to the Cloud to deliver innovation. Ford, a leading name in the automotive industry, wanted to deliver custom solutions tailored to meet the needs of customers. Ford built a digital platform "Ford Mall" using Alibaba Cloud's mid-end platform solution. Using this solution, Ford improves the overall online customer experience and alongside it offers them an opportunity to connect with customers and find and visit a nearby dealer. Beyond technology, Alibaba Cloud also supports Ford's "In China, For China" strategy.

Another interesting case to consider is of Rocketbots, a leading company that helps businesses improve customer experience. Rocketbots leveraged Alibaba Cloud to improve availability and provide seamless user experiences to its customers, especially in Asia. Alibaba Cloud's multiple data centers across Asia helped Rocketbots optimize its solution for their customers. After migrating to Alibaba Cloud, it not only increased the performance by 25 percent through optimized instances, but also reduced costs by 65% as Alibaba Cloud doesn't charge for internal bandwidth. The solution ensures high availability at all times.

How Alibaba Cloud Plays a Crucial Role in Enterprise Innovation?

Alibaba Cloud operates at the intersection of business and technology enabling companies to not only help move to the Cloud but also leverage a wide-range of purpose-build Alibaba Cloud products and solutions. Let us deep-dive into how companies inject innovation using Alibaba products and solutions.

Uncovering Insights from Data

As the world is getting smaller and the digital universe is constantly expanding, the need to manage big data is becoming more and more critical. Data mining plays a crucial role in enterprise innovation. Most companies do not have technology that helps them mine and analyze data at the same time. DataWorks, a Platform as a service (PaaS) product by Alibaba Cloud offers a one-stop development and management interface helping large enterprises to not only mine, but also radically explore the value of their business data for business innovation. Enterprises can apply insights that DataWorks offer to innovate their business and come up with innovative products to add new revenue streams, personalize services to customers, predict and forecast trends, and kick-start data-led new business development initiatives. Companies using DataWorks can reduce storage costs by as much as 70% and leverage analysis and monitoring to enhance business efficiency with extensive data security features.

Use-Case of Tokopedia

Tokopedia, a leading Indonesian marketplace platform, leveraged DataWorks along with MaxCompute as the core computing and storage engine to improve mining capabilities and process as well as analyze offline data. Tokopedia is able to innovate customer-centric marketing solutions and recommend personalized products to customers using insights obtained from DataWorks. It is able to mine the purchase data and come with a predictive model for the customer journey. Tokopedia currently runs 20+ full-stack core applications and close to 1000 VMs along with multiple types of managed services in a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective IT infrastructure on Alibaba Cloud.

Actionable Decisions through Visualization

Companies have a lot of critical data which includes business data, customer data, sales data, and employee data. Traditionally, companies had limited visualization options, but now they have different innovative ways to visualize data which in turns help improve decision making. Alibaba Cloud's DataV resolves visualization challenges through geographic information systems enabling quick data interpretation. Enterprises sometimes don't have the necessary tools or technical acumen to build professional charts and visuals to represent data. DataV ensures business innovation by satisfying the needs of enterprises with regard to exhibitions, business monitoring, risk warning, and geographic information analysis. Companies can give a fresh and innovative look and feel to data and make it more presentable. Innovation in the form of live dashboards and information from DataV moving from the traditional charts and dashboards help companies make decisions faster. DataV collects information in real-time and therefore, while companies traditionally had to wait to analyze data, they can now do it real-time before it is too late. It comes with an interactive interface that offers multidimensional data view and diverse visualization widget.

Enhancing Usability and End User Experience

The saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words" has garnered a new meaning in today's technology-driven world. Image search has today become one of the largest mediums of online searching improving usability and end user experience. Its data presents a significant opportunity for companies to capitalize on channel image searching toward e-commerce success, and also make it extremely convenient to navigate through and checkout faster when one has less time at hand. We all know how slow searching impacts profitability, customer churn; whereas faster response time to user queries goes a long way in improving customer experience. Alibaba Cloud Image Search is an intelligent image search service that helps users find similar or identical images. This product uses machine learning and deep learning allowing users to take a screenshot or upload image and find desired results. E-commerce websites and applications, photo sharing websites, and stock photo websites can mainly benefit as Image Search comes with an inventory of over ten billion searchable image items.

Use-case of Lanc?me

L'Oréal Group's Lanc?me teamed up with Alibaba Cloud to launch its Chinese New Year campaign in Hong Kong. The campaign combined Alibaba Cloud's cutting-edge technologies and Lanc?me's best-in-class line of luxury beauty offerings to come up with innovative ways of engaging end consumers. Augmented Reality technology and gamification were the two most innovative ideas adopted by Alibaba Cloud to help Lanc?me. Alibaba Cloud helped Lanc?me build AR game for its customers. Customers can use their smartphones to find and capture augmented reality images of Lanc?me's signature brand Genifiques for a chance to win a selection of prizes. Alibaba Cloud's innovative image search leveraged the intelligent service based on machine and deep learning to accomplish this feat seamlessly. L'Oréal has continuously deepened its use of Alibaba's ecosystem to create innovative customer experiences. In pursuit of New Retail Innovation, it merged online and offline during the 2018 Double 11 Online Shopping Festival.

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Quick Indexing and Performance Analysis

Organizations that want to gather data easily, ETL (extract, transform, load) to blend data from different sources, search in real-time, analyze data in real-time, and visualize data can now easily do so efficiently using ElasticSearch. ElasticSearch is Alibaba Cloud's distributed search and data analysis tool offers enterprises multiple features. It enables powerful search capabilities to quickly draw business insights. Some of the enterprises that have operations requiring large amounts of live data, multiple connected devices and real-time monitoring of data from these devices, and content aggregation for fiction, short video, e-commerce can massively benefit using ElasticSearch. Alibaba Cloud's Elasticsearch provides 2 layers of security: RAM and built-in authentication additionally which further makes it hassle free for enterprises. With better search indexing, companies also improve end-user experience.

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Clearly, moving to the Cloud is fundamental to business innovation. Moving to the Cloud helps free up your resources and at the same time make business more agile. Cloud enables faster time to market and reduced delivery cycles in addition to scalability, security, agility, and efficiency. Alibaba Cloud is at the frontier of the Cloud technologies helping enterprises breakthrough with its custom-built products and solutions.

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