Community Blog How Migrating to PolarDB Helps Improve Database Performance and How to Migrate

How Migrating to PolarDB Helps Improve Database Performance and How to Migrate

This article talks about how Intime abandons traditional databases for PolarDB and the overall process of migrating databases to Alibaba Cloud.

Intime Abandons Traditional Databases for PolarDB, Increasing Its ROI by More Than 200%

In the four years of new retail, Intime witnessed a digital transformation to become an internet department store, with its architecture deployed in the cloud. During this process, it migrated its databases to the cloud to better support rapid business development.

As a retail enterprise, Intime has been using traditional commercial databases since its establishment, and its core business system is tightly bound to these databases. However, as it transformed into a new retail enterprise, its traditional databases could not expand fast enough to keep pace with business development.

The process of expanding a traditional database cluster is very complex. Intime needed to purchase hardware and deploy a network by itself, so the costs were high. In addition, professional database administrators (DBAs) were required to scale-out nodes, which involves a high degree of risk. After wide-ranging and detailed research, Intime decided to migrate all its businesses to Alibaba Cloud's PolarDB.

"New retail enterprises such as Intime hold many promotional events each year, during which many database resources are consumed. Therefore, they have very high requirements for stability," said Li Yabo. After migrating databases to the cloud, Intime could take advantage of the elastic scaling capabilities of PolarDB during promotional events. Today, Intime's transaction peak has increased 20 times over, but its IT costs have not increased.

PolarDB is designed with separated storage and computing as well as integrated software and hardware. It quickly scales up and down to meet the needs of all large-scale business scenarios. In July 2019, Alibaba Cloud PolarDB was upgraded to be deeply compatible with Oracle syntax and data types, supporting one-click migration of databases to the cloud.

This article explores how migrating to PolarDB helped Intime, China's leading department-store chain, improve database performance at reduced costs.

Database Migration with Alibaba Cloud – Part 1

Alibaba Cloud Database Migration Solution

Alibaba Cloud offers a self-service database migration solution, which supports MySQL-to-MySQL migration, MySQL-to-PolarDB migration, and more. Alibaba Cloud migration service ensures minimal impact on your business and offers unlimited storage space. If you have custom migration scenarios, you can also reach out to Alibaba Cloud for customized solutions and migration preparation guidance. They can provide you with a migration strategy depending on your organizational goals and current setup.

When it comes to security, Alibaba Cloud has worked tirelessly to provide an end-to-end security practice with their solution. With access control, end-to-end encryption, and authorization policy management, Alibaba Cloud covers all of the bases for a successful database migration practice.

This article talks about the overall process of migrating databases to Alibaba Cloud and provides suggestions on planning your migration.

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ApsaraDB for PolarDB

ApsaraDB for PolarDB is a cloud-native relational database compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. ApsaraDB for PolarDB provides the performance and availability of traditional enterprise databases and the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of open-source databases.

ApsaraDB for PolarDB is designed for business-critical database applications that require fast performance, high concurrency, and automatic scaling. You can scale up to millions of queries per second and 100 TB per database cluster with 15 low latency read replicas. ApsaraDB for PolarDB is six times faster than standard MySQL databases, and delivers the security, reliability, and availability of traditional commercial databases at 1/10 the cost. ApsaraDB for PolarDB embodies the proven database technology and best practices honed over the last decade that supported hyper-scale events such as the Alibaba Double 11 Global Shopping Festival.

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