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How Cloud Computing Changes the Internet

The Internet is one of the great inventions of the 21st century. Cloud computing uses the Internet to provide services to people all over the world.

Cloud Computing and the Internet

The Internet has constructed a virtual network world. It has connected people all over the world together, formed a global village, and profoundly changed people's lifestyles.

The vision of cloud computing is to provide services to users all over the world. To realize this vision, it is necessary to provide external services through the Internet.
But the Internet is more like a black box in many cases, full of uncertainty.

The Uncertainty of the Internet

Nowadays, many key financial and government applications and services have been on the cloud and provide certain and reliable services to the outside world through the Internet. This is a miracle in itself. There must be many hidden secrets behind this. Engineers in the field of cloud computing have made a lot of efforts to gradually make the originally uncertain and unreliable Internet gradually certain and reliable.

Uncertain service quality

Data packet loss on the Internet is very common. Why does the Internet lose packets? Because of the congestion of the Internet link. In the real world, road congestion can make cars lied down. On the Internet, after the link is congested, data packets are directly discarded, as if they have fallen into a black hole.

Uncertain network path

The great thing about the Internet is that we only need to throw the data packet to it, and it will automatically send the data packet to the destination through its routing and forwarding strategy.

However, by default, the Internet cannot tell users in real-time the best route from one place to a place, what is the second-best route, how much time is spent, and how much money is spent on the Internet like an online map.

The uncertainty of the network path causes the fluctuation and uncertainty of the forwarding delay, which will have a relatively large negative impact on the experience of upper-layer applications.

Insecure Network Environment

The Internet is an open environment. In this environment, in addition to normal users and businesses that abide by laws and regulations, there is also a black-gray industry chain that exploits loopholes.

The most common method for the black and gray industry is to use DDOS attacks to make users' businesses unable to provide services to the outside world, thereby achieving the purpose of extorting ransom or obtaining illegal gains.

Cloud Computing Makes the Internet Certain and Reliable

Determined and reliable network

We know that the interconnection links between operators in the same area and the interconnection links between multinational operators are prone to congestion and packet loss.

Then we can make the traffic from cloud computing to the end-user use different operators as little as possible, and reduce the number of hops in the entire path as much as possible.

  • Establish direct connection lines with multiple operators in the area
    It is necessary to achieve the goal that the traffic from cloud services on cloud computing to end-users does not cross operators, bypassing the easily congested interconnection links between operators, and thereby reducing packet loss. Currently, the most effective and simplest way is to establish direct links between cloud computing and multiple operators.
  • Dedicated line for inter-regional traffic
    To solve the problem that the congestion of the multinational operator's link leads to the degradation of the user experience, the most effective solution in the industry is to allow the multinational traffic to access the POP point nearby and use the dedicated line network as much as possible to reach the destination.

Secure network environment

To build a more secure network environment, the cloud computing security team has accumulated a lot of offensive and defensive experience. Establish a secure network environment on the cloud, provide security capabilities to users on the cloud in a service-oriented manner, and use cloud cleaning networks around the world to disperse and disrupt the flood of attacks. At the same time, through the unique collaborative defense and threat intelligence sharing of cloud computing, with the blessing of AI technology, it can automatically and efficiently complete second-level automatic disposal and defense.

Manageable and programmable open network

  • Business digitization to realize network management
    Through the mature big data analysis capabilities on the cloud, key operational indicators and data such as the geographical distribution of users, drop rates, retention rates, etc. can be analyzed.
  • Servicing network capabilities to realize software-defined Internet
    One of the advantages of cloud computing is that it has abundant and complete underlying infrastructure resources at home and abroad, especially the network infrastructure resources of the Internet. It can allow enterprises to rapidly deploy their business to form explosive development, saving the capital cost and time cost of repeated construction of the enterprise.


One of the most powerful aspects of cloud computing is to make the unreliable Internet as reliable as possible through resource construction and technical means so that upper-level applications and businesses can develop rapidly and vigorously.

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