Community Blog GlobalData, NovelMe, and Oval Join the Conversation on Digital Media in Indonesia

GlobalData, NovelMe, and Oval Join the Conversation on Digital Media in Indonesia

This short article discusses the trajectory of digital media evolution in Indonesia.

Media originally started as the plural of the word medium, but it has never lost its fundamental meaning; the substance of information. Over the years, the exchange of information has been amplified along with the evolution of the media.

In 2021, about 80% of Indonesia's population uses a mobile device; daily life centers around mobile applications and networks. It is safe to say that digital media has taken over as the new source of information in society. Meanwhile, digital media (especially social media) is showing us how powerful it can be when it comes to shaping our communities. During the pandemic, digital media became the most accessible and safest escape for everyone. This was the best time to innovate in the media industry.

Through Alibaba Cloud's Project AsiaForward, we initiated an online webinar to lead the conversation from inside the industry. We invited our local solution architect and customers, Eric Purwoko, Senior Solution Architect of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, Aji Pribadi Henoch, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of NovelMe, and Danny Sudarsono, Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Oval. They were joined by experts from GlobalData, Dustin Kehoe, Head of APAC Tech Practice, and Alfie Amir, Principal Analyst.O1CN01pmdumq1tqWVsPOL1X_!!6000000005953-

The webinar began with Dustin's quick introduction of the backstory for initiating the conversation, the promising future of the Internet industry in Indonesia, a young country with a large Gen Y and Gen Z population that will always open their arms to digital innovation. After that, Alfie's sophisticated statistics on the media and Internet landscape in Indonesia laid a solid foundation for the following discussions.

The panelists discussed:

  • The challenges and countermeasures of information sharing in Indonesia
  • How digital media and social media shapes and influences society's opinion and voice
  • Key trends in the media Internet industries in the next few years in SEA, especially in Indonesia
  • Strategies to secure users and ensure a smooth customer experience

Oval is a social media platform to help people invest through the most intuitive and beginner-centric investing app you'll ever see. When addressing the platform's duty of amplifying the right voice, Danny Sudarsono, the Co-Founder and COO said, “The most powerful way that social media shapes the society's opinions is by making sure the message reaches the right audience. It's just as easy to spread misinformation as it is to spread information. We have to do everything we can to make sure that our platform enables or disables that.”

NovelMe is a digital novel platform for people to read and create their own works. The business is about providing the right content to the right audience. With support from Alibaba Cloud, NovelMe can provide text-only or multi-media content based on the user's network condition. Since everyone does not live in cities, hyper-personalization helps NovelMe deliver content based on the user's preferences.

Watch the Full Webinar!

Alibaba Cloud is offering a wide array of solutions for the Internet industry; check out Alibaba Cloud's One-Stop Media Solution, Gaming, and Metaverse.

We hope to join hands with enterprises, organizations, and developers in the APAC region through Project AsiaForward, leveraging the power of digital innovation, becoming the driving force for Asia, and continuing our sprint towards business excellence.

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