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Enterprise Call Center on the Cloud

This article discusses the benefits of migrating call centers to the cloud, and introduces a solution built using Alibaba Cloud and Avaya's services.

By Rui Chen, Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Call centers have long been playing a vital role for enterprises to improve customer experience. Nowadays, the cloud has become the preferred choice for enterprise IT, and we are witnessing the trend of call centers being moved to the cloud. We are excited to introduce the following enterprise call center solution developed by Avaya and Alibaba Cloud. As a leading call center solution provider, Avaya enabled the Avaya IX Contact Center on Alibaba Cloud. It leverages Alibaba Cloud’s AI/NLP/SIP capability to build an end-to-end solution to drive a more rewarding customer experience and engagement across omnichannel through natural, conversation-driven interactions.

Architecture Overview


The Avaya IX Contact Center is the core of the solution that can be fully deployed in Alibaba Cloud. It can provide identical functionalities, such as running in an on-premises data center, while enjoying more benefits brought by the cloud, such as higher availability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Beyond the core component, Alibaba Cloud provides multiple services that can be integrated with the Avaya system to enhance and extend the customer experience.

As the largest virtual carrier in China, Ali Telecom can provide a SIP trunk endpoint on the cloud, which simplifies the connection to PSTN. Ali Telecom can also help with the DID/SMS service as a carrier. Alibaba Cloud has sophisticated voice processing/analyzing capabilities, such as ASR and TTS, which can be incorporated with the Avaya system. On the other side, the Alime Chatbot can extend the touching point beyond voices to enrich the solution. Alibaba’s AI and ML capabilities power the Alime Chatbot solution. It is widely used throughout Alibaba’s business units. The solution can also be integrated with external systems, such as CRM and ITSM, for further data analysis and processing to provide more insights and a better customer experience.

Avaya IX Contact Center

Avaya is a global leader in the contact center market, providing reliable and scalable communications-centric solutions for companies. Avaya’s solutions help businesses manage calls, improve customer service, and compete more effectively. Avaya has the perfect contact center solution to fit the needs of small businesses or large enterprises. The Avaya IX Contact Center is Avaya’s flagship product for the call center market.

Avaya IX Contact Center has been tested and certified to run on Alibaba Cloud. It brings the same functionalities and experiences as other platforms while enjoying the benefits provided by Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud’s massive and strategically located datacenters help find the best location to set up the deployment to give customers the best experience. Also, it’s easy to deploy into multiple data centers to build DR solutions or leverage existing on-premises deployment for hybrid solutions. Alibaba Cloud ECS provides a flexible, robust, and cost-effective hosting environment for the solution. Alibaba Cloud network solutions (including VPC, EIP, HAVIP, VPN, CEN) help provide the stable and highly available network that is crucial for the Avaya IX Contact Center. Alibaba Cloud also provides comprehensive security, monitoring, logging solutions that can work together to ensure the Avaya IX Contact Center runs smoothly on Alibaba Cloud.

Ali Telecom/SIP Service

Ali Telecom is the largest virtual carrier in China and provides various telecom services. Ali Telecom provides a SIP endpoint on a public cloud that simplifies how call centers connect to the PSTN network. Traditionally, call centers need physical E1 connectivity to connect to the PSTN network, while a SIP endpoint on a public cloud can be connected via public Internet with an easy setup. This reduces the potential labor and time involved. Ali Telecom can provide other resources, such as DID. Customers can get new phone numbers or bring their existing numbers to Ali Telecom.

Alime Chatbot

The Alime Chatbot is a dialogue platform based on natural language processing (NLP) that enables smart dialogue through various dialogue-enabling clients, such as websites, DingTalk, and WeChat. Users can use domain-specific knowledge bases, configure their knowledge base for customized smart dialogue, and use intelligent chatbots to facilitate self-service through multi-round dialogue. The Alime Chatbot can also integrate with third-party APIs to enable complex scenarios, such as order search, shipping tracking, and self-service returns.

The Alime Chatbot comes with preset knowledge base packages tailored to multiple domains and provides the template-based initialization of multiple knowledge bases. Users can quickly initialize their knowledge bases. The Bot Framework allows users to configure multi-round dialog and integrate the Alime Chatbot with third-party APIs to realize the self-service and robot capabilities. When users complete the knowledge base and multi-round dialog configurations, they can continue building smart customer robots using APIs or SDKs or integrate smart dialog features into users’ existing customer service systems. The Alime Chatbot can automatically collect all of the conversions the chatbot cannot provide answers for and learn the answers for future conversations after the administrator’s confirmation.

The Alime Chatbot supports multiple instances simultaneously to meet the needs of different user groups and large-scale usage. The Alime Chatbot comes with a visual editor to set up multi-round dialog for complex scenarios, such as ticket booking and reimbursement verification. It supports Chinese and English.

Conclusion and Beyond

The solution has multiple modules that can be flexibly and selectively integrated based on the customer’s need and pace. Since it is deployed on the cloud, it is easy to scale up after business growth. The solution has been tested from end-to-end and has current customers in production.

The solution can work well with upstream and downstream systems, such as CRM and ITSM, based on the enterprise’s information flow. The solution will generate a large amount of meaningful data. It’s very natural to analyze that data with big data platforms to understand customers better and improve the customer experience.

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