Community Blog Ensuring Data Reliability and Availability for Enterprise Cloud

Ensuring Data Reliability and Availability for Enterprise Cloud

Yunfei He, Product Director of Alibaba Cloud, explained how cloud computing plays an essential role in protecting data for enterprises.

From the Product Team

Cloud computing has opened up new possibilities for enterprises to pursue. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Enterprises may face crisis due to factors like improper management and capital chain rupture. In the Internet era, IDC incidents could also be disastrous for enterprises and most these incidents are irreversible. According to data from IDC, 55% of companies that had experienced disasters in the past decade were unable to recover from these incidents. In the remaining 45%, 29% also went bankrupt within two years due to data loss. Only 16% survived.

According to a Gartner report, two-fifths of the companies that experienced system downtime due to major disasters never resumed operations again, and one-third of the remaining companies went bankrupt within two years.

Under this background, enterprises are in urgent need to strengthen data protection. Alibaba market survey shows that data security is the common appeal both for local IDCs of enterprises and on-cloud IDCs. About 85% of CTOs and CIOs believe that a complete disaster recovery solution is essential to enterprises.

Protecting Enterprises' Data Is Alibaba Cloud's Top Priority


Yunfei He, Product Director of Alibaba Cloud, said in the Computing Conference Chongqing Summit, "Protecting enterprises' data over the cloud is always the impetus of Alibaba Cloud Platform." Alibaba Cloud has spent nine years improving the cloud data protection solutions. The integrated disaster recovery solution backed by the Alibaba Cloud technologies can reduce the data disaster recovery costs of enterprises by 90% and also provide the data regeneration function.

The brand-new enterprise-class ESSD provides an IOPS per disk up to 1,000,000, and is the fastest enterprise-class block storage product in the industry. It also delivers a high performance equivalent to a local SSD and adopts the high reliability design of cloud disk.

Emergence of the Alibaba Cloud storage engine 2.0 is a revolutionary evolution. It brings the storage from the millisecond era to the microsecond era and achieves a data reliability up to 99.9999999999%.

Data Must Be Reliable and Applications Must Be Highly Available

In addition to data, reliability of applications is also the lifeline of an enterprise. As emphasized by He Yunfei, to meet enterprises' high requirements for business continuity, the enterprise-class cloud platform must support second-level monitoring and real stress test.

It is reported that all Alibaba Cloud core services currently support second-level monitoring. For example, Alibaba Cloud Log Service for enterprises supports the open source ecosystem, provides users with a large output capacity, and allows users to easily master the dynamics over the cloud in real time.

When talking about high availability, the Alibaba Cloud proprietary database POLARDB must be mentioned. POLARDB delivers a performance six times higher than MySQL. In addition, its cost is far lower than that of a commercial database because POLARDB takes measures such as the storage resource pool, transparent compression, and read-only instances with zero storage cost.

Every Enterprise Must Have the Development Capability

In addition to the powerful infrastructure, the middleware capability and security capability are available on the Alibaba Cloud. All these capabilities are opened through APIs. He Yunfei announced on the Computing Conference that the Alibaba Cloud developer platform was officially launched. He was also adamant that every enterprise must have the development capability.

To facilitate the work of developers on the cloud, Alibaba Cloud provides a full set of tools, including the project, code, test, performance stress test, and O&M tools. Meanwhile, the Alibaba Cloud API Explorer is released to allow developers to quickly understand all these capabilities of Alibaba Cloud. Without buying Alibaba Cloud resources, developers can easily perform debugging and find more cases of best practice, for example, how to implement auto scaling for enterprises and how to build the latest AI applications for enterprises.


Intelligence and data fortune bring hopes to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), enabling SMEs to running faster on the fields of hope. While running forward, SMEs need to continuously and repeatedly perceive, confirm, and think about whether their infrastructure capabilities can support the development of enterprises.

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