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Rapid Application Development with Yida

Learn how developing applications and websites just got that much easier with Alibaba's Yida platform.

Relive the best moments of the Apsara Conference 2019 at https://www.alibabacloud.com/apsara-conference-2019.

By Zhao Yuanling.

The Apsara Conference, generally regarded as one of Alibaba's more programmer-oriented conferences, this year was held from September 25 to 27. During the three days of the conference, two forums and over 110 summits and tracks were held, revealing and showcasing some of Alibaba's newest, most cutting-edge technologies to the public.

What is Yida?

This year, one of the highlights of the conference was Yida. Yida is a platform and a tool to help you and other developers develop applications without the need to code. During the conference, there was a hands-on demonstration in which a lightweight approval chain application was developed. The whole development process happened to take only 30 seconds, and was a real eye-opener for both developers and other visitors at the conference.


Pictured above is a conference visitor at the Yida booth learning how the platform works.

Yida is a zero-code development platform that was incubated at Alibaba for more than two years. It provides a full-feature graphical interface on which you can edit and configure webpages, forms, and processes in an intuitive way. The interface also allow you to release applications directly on a computer or smart phone with only a few clicks. In other words, Yida provides a quick-and-easy way for you to develop applications and doesn't require that much technical knowledge.


Pictured above is a conference visitor dragging a component from one place to another in the Yida inference.

The Whys and Hows of Yida

Consider this. On average, it would take two to three weeks to develop a typical reimbursement approval chain application by using traditional development models. However, Yida can cut down the time required to as little as just one hour. That goes without saying that the entire development cycle and even labor costs can be reduced significantly.


Serving as the technology layer of Alibaba Cloud's SaaS Accelerator, Yida has been migrated to the cloud and has been used in multiple major enterprises since March 2019. So far, the Yida platform has been used to develop applications for over 1,000 enterprises spanning across the new retail, hospitality, manufacturing, medical care, energy, and education industries.

Being able to rapidly develop forms and processes powered by Alibaba Cloud's open PaaS ecosystem is the distinguishing factor that makes Yida different from other similar products on the market.

After countless iterations and upgrades, Yida can now provide users with a wider variety of reporting modules, as well as custom development and service hosting on the server side, improving data and logic processing capabilities.

Moreover, Yida is integrated with Alibaba Cloud Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and other algorithms, meaning it can provide eight plug-ins for scenarios such as OCR-based ticket identification, license identification, and AutoNavi-based location query, all of which can help increase the scope of Yida's commercial applications.

Yida's Manual Is Available Free of Charge

To help developers better understand the zero-code development workflow of Yida, a team of engineers at Alibaba released an online manual named Develop Applications Without Coding: Application Development Has Never Been Simpler in Chinese at the conference. The manual introduces the zero-code development platform technology and provides a series of easy-to-use methods for developers in China. The information presented in the manual is taken from experiences gained from the various business solutions of Alibaba Group and practices from enterprises in industries such as healthcare, new retail, and manufacturing.

There's an Advanced Edition, Called Yida Plus

In addition to Yida, there's an advanced edition, called Yida Plus , which is a low-code development platform, also launched at the Apsara Conference.

Yida Plus provides more a set of professional and more advanced features in addition to the forms and process components of Yida, which allows developers to extend and customize features for applications to the utmost extent.

The operations required for developing complex enterprise business systems, such as building field-related data models, performing logic and service orchestration, and designing professional UIs can be implemented on the integrated low-code development platform provided by Yida Plus.


Shown above is that a team of frontend developers can use Yida Plus to develop complex webpages.

Yida Plus transforms tasks that originally required a large amount of technical skills into simple drag-and-drop operations. In this way, users can deliver high-quality and scalable multi-tenant applications for enterprises quickly and easily.

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