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Data Security on Alibaba Cloud

This blog gives a complete understanding of data security on Alibaba Cloud.

By Prashant Mishra, Alibaba Cloud MVP and CEO, Founder Click2Cloud Inc.

Data security is an important concept for any cloud infrastructure. Every enterprise relies on security assets to have good growth in business. Alibaba Cloud's suite of data security services offers users with highly customizable and user-friendly cloud data security. It helps you keep your data secure, regardless of the size of your business or application. Alibaba Cloud offers several security products, including data masking, key management, data erasure, data loss prevention, and data encryption that ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

Based on a complete data security lifecycle, Alibaba Cloud has developed a complete and organized data security system. The data security lifecycle that is developed and designed by the technical expertise of Alibaba Cloud consists of the following:

  • Data Gathering
  • Data Transmission
  • Data Processing
  • Data Exchange
  • Data Storage
  • Destruction of Data

While using Alibaba Cloud resources, you can use each of these security lifecycle operations that are associated with security management requirements and technologies.

Understanding the Data Security Lifecycle

Let us further discuss the key role of each component in the data security lifecycle:

Data Gathering

Once the data is collected from different resources, it is important to identify and classify the gathered data's security. Your data may consist of personal data or sensitive data. To analyze and discover sensitive and personal data; Alibaba Cloud offers DataWorks, SDDP (Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection), and MaxCompute.

Data Transmission

Alibaba Cloud offers security towards your data by encrypting it while transmitting. It also uses SSL/TLS protocols to ensure data transmission security.

Data Processing

Data processing security is basically implemented with the effect of isolation and protection of data. Processing of data security classified with data masking makes sure that it is encrypted; so that no third party or an unauthorized user can access it. The exchange of data takes place only between the sender and receiver.

Data Exchange

The cloud security products and services offered by Alibaba Cloud for data exchange and sharing are implemented to secure sensitive data. Data exchange security also depends upon the data loss prevention capability. Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive DLP solution to control, alert, monitor, and analyze data during the exchange process.

Data Storage

Alibaba Cloud data security uses the advanced encryption standard with the 256-bit key length for data storage security. Data encryption, MaxCompute, OSS, RDS, and many more are enabled in different Alibaba Cloud services for storage data security.

Destruction of Data

A security management system is designed for data destruction security that includes reception, storage, maintenance, test, transfer, and destruction of data. Alibaba Cloud makes sure that the irrelevant data that is not of any use is destructed in order to protect the relevant and useful data.

Benefits of Data Security by Alibaba Cloud

High Accuracy and Efficiency

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute, DataWorks, and SDDP provides high accuracy and efficiency of data with proper analysis, assessment, and discovery that enhances the security at the next level.

Data Loss Prevention

Alibaba Cloud data security prevents loss of data by enabling the SDDP that generates the alert for data permission, configuration, transmission, and storage. Data loss prevention saves the overall time and cost of your cloud infrastructure.

Increase Durability

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