Community Blog Cloud Networking: A Global Cloud Network for Distributed Business System

Cloud Networking: A Global Cloud Network for Distributed Business System

This article explains Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network.

By Rupal Shirpurkar, Business Head (Cloud BU - APAC) of Click2Cloud Inc. and Alibaba Cloud MVP

Control systems used in traditional networks are extremely difficult to manage because of their old, rigid commands and consoles. As a result, cloud networking solves the problem of speed and automation.

Cloud networking is a method of network management that emphasizes speed and automation to improve network performance. Cloud networking makes it easier to automate and is less time-consuming to manage. Tasks are easier to complete and less tedious to perform with CEN.

Alibaba Cloud Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is open-source and more programmable, whereas old networking systems are not. CEN facilitates multitenant network management and Alibaba Cloud computing, which is changing industries. Applications run faster on Alibaba networks, enhancing the user's experience worldwide.

Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) differs from traditional networking primarily because its network is software-based. On the one hand, traditional networks use switches and routers, while the cloud is built using a control plane at the virtual level.

Fig: Traditional Network and Cloud Network

Networking Architecture for Cloud Computing

In general, traditional networks cannot meet networking requirements, such as dynamic scaling, handling network traffic, handling virtualization traffic, and providing centralized control and management.

Alibaba Network Service defines various networking methods to address these issues, including VPN Gateways, Service Level Agreements, Elastic IP, and Cloud Enterprise Networks. Cloud-based networks are implemented through CEN, where networks are controlled by cloud applications and CEN controllers.

CEN operates on a cloud network layer to eliminate manual labor, provide dynamic scalability, and centrally manage network devices.

CEN Architecture Diagram

Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network is a globally integrated, highly-performance, and low-latency network built on Alibaba Cloud technology.

The components of CEN include:

  • Instances of CEN Networks: CEN networks are resources provided by users.
  • Networks: The CEN networks are connected to each other. It supports virtual private clouds (VPCs), cloud connection networks (CCNs), and virtual border routers (VBRs).
  • Packages for Bandwidth: There is always a way to communicate. A bandwidth package is needed for communication to take place.

Fig: Architecture Diagram of CEN

Architecture Advantages

  1. Centralized Management of the System - It provides control and visibility across the network.
  2. The configuration has been simplified, and security has been improved.
  3. You can adapt a network to changing requirements quickly with network administrators.
  4. The presence of a network is displayed in real-time.
  5. Speed and automation reduce human errors drastically.
  6. The purpose of this technology is to enhance mobility, agility, flexibility, and data communication over networks.
  7. Reduced costs of operation
  8. Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network provides a global network of connections.
  9. High speed and low latency
  10. The shortest-path connection and nearby access
  11. Disaster recovery and redundancy are important.
  12. Systematic Management

Final Thoughts!

Cloud networking architecture is an amazing invention. It benefits small and large organizations by providing their network's requirements and allows them to have a better overview of the issues in their network. When using a cloud application, you get the benefits of high-performance, increased efficiency, data storage, and time management, which will reduce the amount of work you need to do and will increase your productivity. Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network can establish geographically distributed and hybrid networks worldwide.

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