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Alibaba Cloud Data Security

This article provides a comprehensive overview of Alibaba Cloud security.

By Rupal Shirpurkar, Business Head (Cloud BU – APAC) of Click2Cloud Inc. and Alibaba Cloud MVP

Any cloud infrastructure must adhere to the concept of data security. The success of any business depends on the security of its assets. Alibaba Cloud's data security application offers a user-friendly and highly customizable data security solution. You can secure your data easily. Data anonymization, key management, data deletion, disaster recovery, and encryption are a few of the security features offered by Alibaba Cloud to ensure data privacy, security, and accessibility.

Alibaba has developed a complete and organized security system based on a complete and integrated data security lifecycle. Alibaba Cloud has designed and developed data security that includes the following components:

  1. Data Collection
  2. Information Transmission
  3. Data Compilation
  4. Data Interchange
  5. Data Storage
  6. Data Destruction

Fig: Alibaba Cloud Data Security Lifecycle

When using Alibaba Cloud resources, you can also use the security management requirements and technologies associated with each operation.

Data Security Lifecycle

1.  Data Collection

It is necessary to check whether the collected data is secure or not. It may consist of personal and sensitive data. Alibaba Cloud provides MaxCompute, Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection (SDDP), and DataWorks to verify data security.

2.  Information Transmission

Alibaba Cloud provides secure data encryption during information transmission. It uses SSL/TLS protocols for high information transmission security.

3.  Data Compilation

Isolation and protection of data are the main principles of data compilation. The data anonymization compilation process ensures that classified data cannot be accessed by third parties or unauthorized users. Only the sender and receiver can access the data.

4.  Data Interchange

Alibaba Cloud offers cloud security products and services for secure data interchange. Data loss prevention is also an important feature of data exchange security. Alibaba Cloud offers a comprehensive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution for controlling, alerting, monitoring, and analyzing data.

5.  Data Storage

Alibaba uses advanced encryption standards and 256-bit keys for its cloud data security. Several Alibaba Cloud services enable data encryption, MaxCompute, OSS, RDS, and many others for secure data storage.

6.  Data Destruction

Data destruction security is managed by a security management system, which includes reception, storage, maintenance, testing, transfer, and destruction of data.

Alibaba Cloud Data Security Benefits

1.  Precision and Efficiency

When it comes to data analysis, assessment, and discovery, the cloud computing services provided by Alibaba, MaxCompute, DataWorks, and SDDP offer precision and efficiency to enhance security.

2.  Protection against Data Loss

Alibaba Cloud helps protect against data loss by enabling the SDDP that generates alerts for permissions, configuration, transmission, and storage.

3.  Enhance Durability

Alibaba Cloud's data security improves the longevity and usability of data, leading to better data maintenance.

4.  Alibaba Cloud Data Management and Monitoring

Data can be stored, managed, and monitored over Alibaba Cloud using SDDP, bringing scattered data to one location.

5.  Data Lifecycle Security

Alibaba Cloud's complete data lifecycle security offer helps gather, analyze, discover, access, store, process, and exchange data over the cloud.

How Alibaba Cloud Data Security Works

Fig: How Alibaba Cloud Data Security Works

Alibaba Cloud has developed a comprehensive and systematic data security system by taking data management and technical measures based on the entire data security lifecycle. Data security is managed and controlled throughout the data lifecycle from the moment it is collected until it is destroyed, transmitted, processed, exchanged, stored, and destructed. In addition, Alibaba Cloud knows how users or cloud providers operate Alibaba Cloud resources when utilizing those resources. Each stage of the data security lifecycle has different security management requirements and technologies. A data asset review must take place before you develop and implement a robust data security framework.


Alibaba Cloud Data Security lets you build robust data security frameworks for your cloud so you can use the cloud more securely with no maintenance, no loss, and no excess costs.

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