Community Blog Case Study: How Alibaba Helped a Fast-Growing Financial Technology Company Expand in Southeast Asia

Case Study: How Alibaba Helped a Fast-Growing Financial Technology Company Expand in Southeast Asia

In this case study, we'll share the story behind the success of one of our fintech clients based in ASEAN, who leveraged our services in their production environment.

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Powered by fast-growing digital services, online payments have rapidly grown in popularity in recent years on a global scale, across various devices. However, particularly in Southeast Asia, these services have become a lucrative target to cybercriminal activity, which is having a negative impact on business performance and reputation amongst their clients.

Therefore, consumer data protection and security at transactional layer are now a "must-have" capability for both incumbent and emerging pure-play payment service providers, which drives the high demand of fraud detection and protection services. As businesses look to expand quickly, companies are now looking for a cloud provider that can meet the following requirements:

  • A breadth of product portfolio and scalability to provide their business with various scales of data sets.
  • Local data residency and compliance to secure and protect transactional data and consumer profiles.
  • Service performance and disaster recovery to support the automated process and speed up real-time processing time of payments.

What Software in the Market Can Achieve This?

The solution? The Alibaba IaaS and PaaS portfolio, which encompasses a range of Elastic Compute Services (ECS), Database, Network, and Storage solutions. All of these products are deployed in a high availability mode across two different time zones in Indonesia, a country which has become a prime target of cyber criminals.

A Real-Life Case Study

One of our Fintech/Finance clients based in Indonesia leveraged several Alibaba Cloud services in the production environment. Founded in 2008, the customer is headquartered in Singapore with global operations in the US, Europe, China and Southeast Asia, and was looking for a provider to help facilitate their operations.

The company provides a scalable and automated fraud management solution that helps companies manage their payment fraud risks and prevent hostile account takeovers. They have screened transactions in over 190 countries, securing billions in gross merchandise value across various verticals including e-commerce, airlines, telecommunications, e-wallets and government sectors. However, they were lacking the correct software to accommodate all of these operational touchpoints.

They've been using RDS for MySQL service with HA capability and read/write split feature for a few years. Driven by rapid business growth, the database storage reached 2-3TB, which hits the storage capacity of the particular MySQL cluster.

Thus, it triggers database expansion. Due to the functional limitations of MySQL's architecture, it does not support online storage expansion. The traditional approach is to expand the storage through the manually online mechanism, which requires hours for movement of terabytes of data with a high risk of business disruption.

In the long term, our client acknowledged that they may need to repeat the same tedious process when storage out of capacity occurs in the future. So they turned to an Alibaba Cloud proprietary database service – POLARDB, a high-end cloud-based database product – to address the above-listed challenges with its key features below.

  • Provided up to 100TB data storage capacity.
  • Scaled up with more CPU/memory/storage or scaled out with more read-only nodes within minutes.
  • Offered high concurrency and dynamic scaling with enhanced SLA on performance.
  • 100 percent compatible with MySQL.
  • Supported "one-click" instant migration from MySQL to POLARDB with minimal aggravation and business disruption.

The End Result

Following a close collaboration with the customer's IT team, our client successfully migrated RDS instances to POLARDB. They've since acknowledged that Alibaba Cloud's products were key to supporting their ever-growing business – improving service reliability, availability and performance as a result.

Your business too can achieve success by leveraging Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive suite of solutions. Visit https://www.alibabacloud.com/ to learn how you can jump start your journey to the cloud today!

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