Community Blog Blogs of the Week – Ep. 43

Blogs of the Week – Ep. 43

Each week, we compile the hottest and most impactful topics. Let’s take a look at the 43rd episode of Blogs of the Week.

The Alibaba Cloud community strives towards making the world more digitally connected and easing your information technology challenges.

Each week, we compile the hottest and most impactful content, including the trending technologies, step-by-step tutorials, knowledge from industry professionals and important figures, and best practices with Alibaba Cloud customers.

Below are this week’s five recommended articles specially curated from Alibaba Cloud community authors:

1. The New Batch Alibaba Cloud MVP for Spring 2023 Opens for Application

By Alibaba Cloud MVP

The Spring 2023 batch of Alibaba Cloud MVP is open for application now! Grab the chance to nominate yourself or your friends as an Alibaba Cloud MVP by 5 March 2023.

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2. Setting up Multi-attach EBS Disk Across Multiple ECS Instances with GFS2 File System

By Yen Sheng Tee

Multi-attach disk allows you to attach a single shared block storage to multiple ECS instances within an availability zone. File Storage NAS provides a simple, scalable and shared file storage that works similarly for most applications. In this article, the author sets up multi-attach EBS disk and uses it across multiple ECS instances with GFS2 cluster file system configured. .

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3. A Retrospection of KubeVela in 2022

By Da Yin

Since Open Application Model invented in 2020, KubeVela has experienced tens of version changes and evolves advanced features towards modern application delivery. In this article, the author looks back into the starting points and gives a comprehensive introduction to the state of KubeVela in 2022.

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4. Use Open-Local to Master Container Local Storage

By Huizhi, Yuzhi, and Yujia

Compared with distributed storage, local storage is better in terms of ease of use, maintainability, and IO performance. However, using local storage as the low-cost delivery Kubernetes clusters has many problems. Open-Local was created to solve the preceding problems.

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5. An In-Depth Understanding of Presto (1): Presto Architecture

By Yunlei

Presto is an open-source distributed SQL query engine by Facebook, which is suitable for interactive queries and analysis. In this article, the author introduces some principles of Presto from a macro perspective, from the outside to the inside.

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