Community Blog Blogs of the Week – Ep. 7

Blogs of the Week – Ep. 7

Each week, we will select some premium blog content. Let’s take a look at the seventh Episode of Blogs of the Week.

The Alibaba Cloud community always strives towards making a more digitally connected world and easing your information technology challenges.

Each week, we will select some premium content, including the trending technologies, step-by-step tutorials, knowledge from industry professionals and important figures, and best practices with Alibaba Cloud customers.

Below are this week’s six recommended readings specially curated from Alibaba Cloud community authors:

1. How Can Your E-Commerce Business Rise to the Challenge of Exploding Growth?

By Iain Ferguson

The e-commerce market worldwide continues to explode as consumers embrace online sales and incumbent retailers and new entrants seek a slice of the increasingly lucrative market. Over recent years, several e-commerce customers have taken advantage of Alibaba Cloud’s proven technologies, services and products to successfully deliver high quality e-commerce services. This article showcases the successes of e-commerce businesses using Alibaba Cloud to grow and expand into new markets.

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2. How Cloud Computing Is Taking Internet Companies in Malaysia to New Heights

By Avanti Kumar

Cloud computing (as the primary edge of digitalisation) is rapidly reshaping the world of work in the new hybrid normal. In Malaysia, startups are competing with multinationals in different arenas in the booming e-commerce space. In this article, the author explains how cloud computing is positively taking over e-commerce and taking Malaysia's companies across multiple sectors to new heights.

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3. 6 Ways Your Business Can Use the Metaverse

By Wei Tong

The Metaverse is a hot topic right now. It merges the digital and physical realms by connecting people and things using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to things in the physical world, blurring boundaries between online and real-world social interactions, economies, assets, and identities. In this article, the author explains six ways businesses can connect to the Metaverse as it becomes more popular.

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4. A Tangled Web: Advanced Networking on Alibaba Cloud

By Jeremy Pedersen

There are generally three classes of networking tools on Alibaba Cloud, public Internet connections, private Internet connections and interconnections. In this article, the author focus on public Internet connections, and talks about the different ways that Alibaba Cloud VPCs can connect to the public Internet, and how you can limit access when needed.

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5. Cloud-Native Operation and Maintenance Technology: General

By Lishan

This article is a general introduction of Cloud-Native Application Management solutions. The Cloud-Native Application Management solution demonstrates the complete evolution of a container-based intelligent O&M system from standardization and automation to data-based and intelligent methods to make it easier for enterprises to use and maintain the Kubernetes system. It provides a data-based and intelligent O&M system to help reduce the O&M complexity and allow enterprises to focus on business innovations.

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6. Ant Group Joined the Low Carbon Patent Pledge and Shared Patents with the World Free of Charge to Promote Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

By Ant Group

On April 21, the eve of the 53rd World Earth Day, Ant Group formally joined the Low Carbon Patent Pledge and promised to share seven green computing patents free of charge. According to this pledge, any individual, enterprise, and institution in the world can use these patents free of charge to help promote energy conservation and emission reduction. Check out this article to learn the details on Ant Group’s practices on green computing.

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