Community Blog Blogs of the Week – Ep. 11

Blogs of the Week – Ep. 11

Each week, we compile the hottest and most impactful topics. Let’s take a look at the eleventh episode of Blogs of the Week.

The Alibaba Cloud community strives towards making the world more digitally connected and easing your information technology challenges.

Each week, we compile the hottest and most impactful content, including the trending technologies, step-by-step tutorials, knowledge from industry professionals and important figures, and best practices with Alibaba Cloud customers.

Below are this week’s six recommended articles specially curated from Alibaba Cloud community authors:

1. How Can My Logistics Business Deliver in a Disrupted Market with the Cloud?

By Iain Ferguson

For logistics businesses, operating efficiently and cost-effectively has never been more important under the effect of the pandemic. Many businesses are turning to the cloud for the efficiencies and intelligence to thrive in this tumultuous marketplace. This article showcases how logistics businesses are turning to the cloud to overcome a wave of challenges and position themselves for success.

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2. How Should I Run My Containers?

By Jeremy Pedersen

In this article, the author summarizes the points to describe the right way to run containers on Alibaba Cloud using a single flow chart. Let’s take a look!

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3. New-Gen Cluster Non-Inductive Data Migration of Alibaba Cloud In-Memory Database Tair

By ApsaraDB

Redis is a popular in-memory database used in a wide variety of business scenarios. In order to overcome the shortcomings of data migration in Redis Community Edition, Alibaba Cloud developed Tair. In this article, the author introduces Alibaba Cloud Tair for Redis clusters and how this technology helps overcome the shortcomings of data migration in open-source Redis.

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4. 1688's Serverless Efficiency Improvement Practices in Complex Business Scenarios

By Alibaba Cloud Serverless

1688 is an online shopping platform of Alibaba Group. It is aimed at B2B e-commerce scenarios and provides e-commerce trading channels for small and medium-sized enterprises. This article discusses how 1688 uses Serverless in its business and e-commerce scenarios.

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5. Inclavare Containers: The Future of Cloud-Native Confidential Computing

By OpenAnolis

Inclavare Containers is the industry's first open-source container runtime for confidential computing scenarios. It is also the first confidential computing project in cloud-native that entered the CNCF. In this article, the author explains the development of Inclavare Containers project and interprets its core ideas and innovative technologies.

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6. Cloud-Native Operation and Maintenance Technology: How Does CloudOps Enable Observability?

By Lishan

Observability is one of the biggest challenges faced by cloud-native applications. Observability can help us understand the current state of the system and serve as the basis for application self-healing, auto scaling, and intelligent O&M. Alibaba Cloud provides a wide range of capabilities for observability. In this article, the author discusses the benefits and challenges of observability. Let’s dive in.

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