Community Blog Announcing Alibaba Cloud's Partnership with Tableau

Announcing Alibaba Cloud's Partnership with Tableau

At the Apsara Conference 2019, Alibaba Cloud announced its partnership with Tableau, enabling customers to deliver analytics at scale by deploying Tableau Server on ECS.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Tableau, the leading analytics platform that helps people see and understand their data.

The team at Tableau is focused on providing customers with the choice and flexibility they need to deliver analytics at scale, and for an increasing number of customers, that means deploying Tableau in the cloud-wherever those customers may be and wherever their data may reside.

Tableau's partnership with us is a natural one as Alibaba Cloud has the third largest share of the global cloud computing market. Enterprises across the globe have fueled their business transformation efforts from Alibaba Cloud's extremely scalable, secure and flexible technology infrastructure and data management services.

Installing Tableau Server on Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS)

Our partnership with Tableau enables customers to deploy Tableau Server on Alibaba Cloud ECS, so they can scale capacity depending on real-time demands. Instead of maintaining bulky and costly IT infrastructure or adding additional resources as their volume of data grows, customers can continue to focus on driving the business forward. Check out Tableau's deployment guide for more information about getting started with Tableau Server on Alibaba Cloud.

Connecting to More Data

As Tableau referenced in their Top 10 2019 Business Intelligence Trends, data is moving to the cloud faster than ever, promoting organizations to rethink their data strategy and focus on the benefits of decreased latency and throughput. Alibaba Cloud's close collaboration with Tableau help customers connect to all of the data they need as efficiently as possible, no matter where it resides.

Tableau on Alibaba Cloud provides customers with choice when it comes to maximizing the value of their data in the cloud, across clouds and on premises. Customers can now leverage Tableau in addition to Alibaba Cloud's native BI product, Quick BI, to derive powerful insights from Alibaba Cloud's data platform.

Currently, Tableau customers on Alibaba Cloud can easily connect to leading databases such as RDS for MySQL, SQL Server and Postgres via Tableau's native connectors. In addition, Alibaba Cloud and the team at Tableau are actively working with Tableau's Connector SDK to build out native connectors for MaxCompute, AnalyticDB, Data Lake Analytics, and more to help provide access to a variety of data sources that best fits your needs!

Looking Ahead

This is the first step in a long relationship with Tableau. Tableau and Alibaba Cloud will continue to develop scripted deployments, native data connectors, and documentation resources so that customers can get up-and-running with Tableau Server on Alibaba Cloud quickly and easily. We are excited to see our journey with Tableau grow, and most of all, thrilled to give our global customers the choice and flexibility to see and understand their data easily with Tableau!

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