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An Excellent Three-Year Cooperation between MongoDB and Alibaba Cloud

This short article discusses the recent MongoDB Day and the successful three-year partnership between MongoDB and Alibaba Cloud.

Shanghai, December 14, 2022- Today, MongoDB Day was held in Shanghai. This event is the first offline event held by MongoDB in China in three years. Experts and database enthusiasts from all walks of life gathered to experience and learn about MongoDB's new technologies, scenarios, and functions. They also discussed the future of databases.


Wei Zhang (a researcher of Alibaba Group and Head of the NoSQL Product Division of Alibaba Cloud Database Division) delivered a keynote speech on MongoDB Day.

MongoDB and Alibaba Cloud also ushered in the milestone of three years of cooperation. While celebrating the fruitful cooperation, the two sides reiterated that they would continue to work together to combine the latest innovations of MongoDB's modern database with Alibaba Cloud. The two sides will enable customers in various industries to expand the value of data and promote high-quality development by fully releasing the potential of ApsaraDB.

Since cooperating with MongoDB as the strategic partner in November 2019, Alibaba Cloud has become the largest cloud service provider of MongoDB in China. Over the past three years, Alibaba Cloud has expanded its business to industries (such as gaming and automotive travel), providing MongoDB cloud services to tens of thousands of customers. At the same time, MongoDB and Alibaba Cloud actively built the community ecosystem and jointly held more than 20 developer and customer activities, benefiting more than 8,000 developers.

Alan Chhabra (MongoDB's global partner and Executive Vice President of the Government Affairs Department and Asia Pacific region) said, "MongoDB has made a satisfactory achievement in its exploration from 0 to 1 in the past three-year cooperation with Alibaba Cloud. Today, there are a large number of Chinese enterprises using ApsaraDB for MongoDB in various industries. In the future, with the release of the latest MongoDB 6.0 managing cloud services, enterprise users will be able to support more types of scenarios, further improving business performance and scale. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Alibaba Cloud to empower enterprises to start the next innovation with MongoDB."

Feifei Li (Alibaba Group Vice President and Head of Database Division from Alibaba Cloud Intelligence) said, "Openness represents the future of cloud computing. MongoDB is one of the industry's most popular data platforms, and Alibaba Cloud has China's most rich ApsaraDB products. The cooperation between Alibaba Cloud and MongoDB can ensure that enterprises receive complete end-to-end database management and support and give full play to the latest technical capabilities of MongoDB in combination with Alibaba's cloud-native software and hardware technologies, thus effectively enabling enterprise developers to focus on application innovation, helping enterprises optimize modern application architecture and achieve digital transformation, and accelerating significant business growth."

ApsaraDB for MongoDB (through cooperation with Alibaba Cloud) is helping enterprises freely run workloads anywhere, grasp market opportunities and customer experiences calmly, and make quick decisions in the digital economy era. Today, the innovative seeds of MongoDB have taken root in all walks of life in China.

ApsaraDB for MongoDB supports thousands of groups of game servers for G-bits Network Technology in the gaming field, which effectively guarantees the server access of more than hundreds of thousands of active users in the month when the game One Mind was released. Moreover, the stability and reliability of MongoDB allow G-bits to not worry about unplanned downtime and reduce the labor cost of operation and maintenance by 70%. With the support of Alibaba Cloud MongoDB, One Mind* has accumulated millions of users in the half-year since its release, ranking among the top 20 best sellers in China's App Store.

With the rise of cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, and other technologies, autonomous driving has become the crown for auto enterprises to fight for in the automotive travel field. However, the massive data processing capabilities required to develop autonomous driving are the key challenges for every autonomous driving enterprise. ApsaraDB for MongoDB undertakes over 1TB of HAOMO.AI's heterogeneous sensor data with no fixed format every day. With the high-performance, stable service, and perfect operation and maintenance system of ApsaraDB for MongoDB, HAOMO.AI can scale out the system in minutes, saving more time for autonomous driving data processing and integration. Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for MongoDB helps the HAOMO.AI Research and Development Team focus on innovation in the business field, helping HAOMO.AI become a leader in the autonomous driving field.

Deep Linkage to Empower Customers

The biggest reason the three-year cooperation between MongoDB and Alibaba Cloud can create such an excellent achievement is that the two teams can make unremitting deep linkage and work together to enable customers. MongoDB set up the Cloud Partner Manager (CPM), the Customer Success Manager (CSM), and the marketing team in China in 2021 and 2022 to meet the needs of the Chinese market. On the one hand, MongoDB enables Alibaba Cloud's local database team through training and seminars. On the other hand, MongoDB moves from behind the scenes to the front stage and works with Alibaba Cloud to carry out activities (such as deep market cultivation, customer training, and product research and development).

Many members of the Alibaba Cloud Database Team also play a core role in the Chinese community of MongoDB, participating in the translation of official technical documents, sharing technology blogs, organizing and participating in MongoDB technology salons and annual summits in various cities, and sharing Alibaba Cloud MongoDB technology innovations and best practice issues. The two parties form effective two-way communication while working together and serving customers, which significantly improves team capabilities and collaboration effectiveness.

Follow up MongoDB Iterations Quickly to Unlock More Value for Customers

While cooperating with MongoDB, Alibaba Cloud always strives to be the first in China to combine the latest innovations of MongoDB with its official managed cloud services. Every time the latest version of MongoDB is launched, Alibaba Cloud will quickly develop the cloud service product form that supports the corresponding version, bringing more value to customers. The latest version of ApsaraDB for MongoDB 6.0 was launched in November 2022. Enterprise users and developers can quickly obtain the latest functions, such as time series collection enhancement, Change Stream enhancement, queryable encryption, aggregation and query capability enhancement, and cluster synchronization.

About MongoDB

As the world's leading developer data platform, MongoDB empowers developers to drive industrial restructuring by unleashing the potential of software and data. Headquartered in New York, USA, MongoDB has more than 39,100 customers in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. The MongoDB database platform has been downloaded more than 325 million times, and the total number of registered users of MongoDB University has exceeded 1.5 million.

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