Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Awarded Best ISV Partner Award for MongoDB

Alibaba Cloud Awarded Best ISV Partner Award for MongoDB

Alibaba Cloud was awarded the "Best ISV Partner of the Year" by MongoDB, honoring Alibaba Cloud's contributions as a MongoDB partner.

Recently, Alan Chhabra, a MongoDB global partner and the senior vice president for the Asia Pacific region, announced at MongoDB.live, that Alibaba Cloud was awarded the "Best ISV Partner of the Year" for MongoDB.

Alibaba Cloud is committed to providing developers with a rich and complete ecosystem of products and services. MongoDB is the world's top NoSQL database and one of the most popular open-source database products in the industry. This award honors Alibaba Cloud's contributions as a MongoDB partner. It acknowledges the continuous efforts of building a complete ecosystem by Alibaba Cloud databases.


Strategic Cooperation with MongoDB

As early as the end of last October, Alibaba Cloud established strategic cooperation with MongoDB, becoming the only cloud vendor in the world that provides the latest version of MongoDB service. Last November, Alibaba Cloud exclusively launched Cloud Database MongoDB 4.2 globally. This new version covers enterprise-level features such as distributed transactions, field-level encryption, materialized view on demand, and readability. With its enhancements, it enables cloud users to build more efficient and flexible business systems. So far, Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for MongoDB has gained an annual user growth rate over 100%.

MongoDB 4.4 Official Release

MongoDB will officially release MongoDB 4.4 (currently under beta). This version will continue to provide global customers with cutting edge and top-class document database services. The Alibaba cloud platform will also, in the form of a cloud product, exclusively launch support for MongoDB 4.4. In the future, Alibaba Cloud will continue to deepen its industry ecology and market development cooperation with MongoDB. We also plan to output MongoDB Enterprise Edition capabilities in more diverse forms, to accelerate the digital transformation of traditional enterprise customers. Both Alibaba Cloud and MongoDB will work together to provide global customers with first-class cloud database services.

In MongoDB 4.4, Alibaba Cloud and MongoDB have jointly built a major feature, HiddenIndex. This is the first major product feature completely promoted by Alibaba Cloud since the cooperation began.


In addition, Alibaba Cloud also launched an independently developed open-source migration ecosystem tool, Mongo-Shake, which is convenient for customers to migrate and synchronize data. This tool can better meet the business needs of customers, while complementing the link ecological capabilities of MongoDB migration and synchronization.

It is reported that the Mongo-Shake tool has helped the Alibaba's navigation and mapping platform AMAP, also known as AutoNavi, to build an online multi-data-center solution. This solution achieves the deployment of all three data centers and alleviates the pressure on testing and operation and maintenance (O&M) personnel, meeting the needs of flexible business switching. The cloud-distributed active-active solution for MongoDB based on MongoShake solves the business pain points of inter-province nearby data routing for customers. It can easily cope with surges caused by page view traffic, and supported stable business operation during peak times such as the Spring Festival and National day travel rush.

Alibaba Cloud has been working with more partners to build a rich database ecosystem. Areas of cooperation include open-source products, data migration, data integration, delivery, and service. After more than a decade of continuous cultivation, Alibaba Cloud database products have more than 100,000 customers around the world, covering leading enterprises in the finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, logistics, and other fields. Alibaba Cloud also has the third largest share of the global cloud database market.

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