Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Was Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™: FaaS, Q2 2023

Alibaba Cloud Was Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™: FaaS, Q2 2023

Alibaba Cloud was named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: FaaS, Q2 2023 and received the highest score in the current offering category.

Recently, authoritative consulting firm Forrester released The Forrester Wave™: Functions-As-A-Service Platforms, Q2 2023. Alibaba Cloud received the highest score possible in 26 out of 40 criterion with its product capabilities of Function Compute, and was placed in the Leaders category.

As one of the most stringent comprehensive capability evaluation models for vendors recognized in the industry, the Forrester Wave report is highly regarded worldwide. This report evaluated the nine most significant cloud vendors based on 40 criteria including developer experience.

The report states that APAC clients view Alibaba Cloud Function Compute as a strong choice. According to the Forrester report, “Alibaba’s pricing models are highly granular, offering 1-millisecond billing increments for most instances and 1-second billing for GPUs. A superior user adoption strategy focusing on a diverse set of industry verticals, grassroots development communities, and Chinese tech enterprises has yielded millions of paying customers and an impressive client list full of international enterprises. Its product roadmap emphasizes open source community support and open standards, with upcoming support for GPU instances and better third-party observability support. ”

Alibaba Cloud has been developing in the serverless field for many years, and is also the first cloud vendor in China to provide serverless computing services. In 2017, it launched the first domestic FaaS product with millisecond-level elastic scalability — Function Compute, which is a fully managed computing service with event-driven as its core. Users only need to write code and upload it, and Function Compute will automatically prepare computing resources, run the code in an elastic and reliable manner, and provide complete observability, greatly simplifying the development and operation process.

Function Compute supports more than 100 cloud product event drivers, helping users further reduce the complexity of using the cloud, and realize the full life cycle management from development, construction, debugging, deployment to operation with zero burden. Since its release, Function Computing has helped tens of thousands of companies bridge the technical gap and innovate rapidly.

Weibo runs image processing services with Function Compute, completing billions of personalized image processing every day, and the overall cost is reduced by 35%. Century Mart, a traditional retailer, has started All On Serverless in 2020, computing, storage, and databases are all built with Serverless products. The business peak has doubled, the preparation time for promotional activities has been shortened from the weekly level to the hourly level, the R&D and operation efficiency has been improved by 30%, and the cost has been reduced by 40%. AutoNavi uses the Serverless architecture to carry 100% of the production traffic, the business scale reaches millions of QPS, the function delivery time is shortened from days to hours, and the overall cost is reduced by 38%.

This year, generative AI exploded intensively. Function Compute also quickly integrates complete AIGC application cloud kits such as Serverless Application Center and Serverless Devs to help developers realize serverless business. Through rich application templates and the industry's first GPU pay-as-you-go capability, AIGC application development is made easier.

Currently, Alibaba Cloud has more than 30 Serverless products, including Function Compute, Serverless App Engine, Serverless Kubernetes Service, PolarDB database, and more. Under the new paradigm of serverless development, Alibaba Cloud will help thousands of industries innovate on the cloud through a rich product matrix and out-of-the-box scenario-based capabilities.

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