Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Server Load Balancer Ranks Top 5 in Global Market

Alibaba Cloud Server Load Balancer Ranks Top 5 in Global Market

Alibaba Cloud Server Load Balancer (SLB) has been ranked top 5 in Gartner's recent Global Network Load Balancing Market Share Report.

Recently, Gartner released its latest global network market share report "Market Share: Enterprise Network Equipment by Market Segment, Worldwide, 1Q19". Alibaba Cloud ranked fifth as the only Asian enterprise included in the report.

The report evaluates the revenue and market shares of the leading network device manufacturers worldwide. The statistics in the load balancing market segment shows that the top 5 manufactures have accounted for 88% of the total market.

According to the report, the market share for traditional load balancing hardware providers has declined significantly and the market share of cloud-native load balancing is rising. Alibaba Cloud ranks fifth globally by the load balancing market share thanks to its advanced technologies and vast user base. Among cloud service providers that provide load balancing services, Alibaba Cloud is ranked just after AWS.

Challenges of Traditional Load Balancing

As the traffic manager for an IT system, the server load balancer distributes the traffic evenly to different servers through scheduling algorithms and plays an important role in solving network congestion.


In addition to high cost, traditional load balancing requires additional hardware and significant O&M effort, has a long deployment cycle and only supports a limited number of server connections. However, cloud-native load balancing naturally has cloud advantages such as the out-of-the-box feature, elastic scaling, and on-demand usage and has become the first choice for enterprises to deal with large-scale traffic.

Alibaba Cloud Server Load Balancer

Alibaba Cloud SLB is based on 10+ years of large-scale distribution experience and practices within Alibaba Group. The underlying layer of this network product is based on Apsara Luoshen. In addition, Alibaba Cloud SLB also adopts two virtual network technologies developed internally by Alibaba Cloud, easily providing high-performance, highly reliable and secure traffic distribution services.

Key features of Alibaba Cloud SLB include:

  • SLB uses the combination of software and hardware and implements the in-depth feature customization of the latest 100 GB NIC hardware, fundamentally solving the ECS hot migration and uneven SLB traffic problems in virtual networks.
  • SLB uses the consistent hashing algorithms developed by Alibaba Cloud and provides three scheduling algorithms—sch (based on source hash), tch (based on stream hash), and qch hash (based on quicid hash), allowing users to switch seamlessly between Wi-Fi networks and wireless networks.

Processing up to Hundreds of Millions of Requests

SLB can simultaneously process up to hundreds of millions of requests and easily meet the requirements in large traffic scenarios such as World Cup, Spring Festival evening galas, and Double 11 events. For example, during the Tmall Double 11 event in 2018, the -ultra-large Alibaba Cloud SLB cluster supported 17 million new connections and 3.4 billion concurrent connections, allowing half of the global population to make purchases simultaneously.

Alibaba Cloud has a family of rich network products, covering enterprise network scenarios such as on-cloud networks, hybrid cloud networks, cross-region networks, and IPv6 networks and has provided services for millions of enterprises worldwide including Sina Weibo, Youku, and Inke.

This year, Alibaba Cloud has been recognized by many top-level organizations worldwide due to its excellent products and services and set new records in China. In the database field, Alibaba Cloud was included as a "Strong Performer" in the global database evaluation report by Forrester and ranked third among global cloud database providers in the global database market report by Gartner. In the CDN field, according to the CDN market report released by CCW Research, Alibaba Cloud CDN ranked first place in the Chinese market.

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