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Seven Papers from Alibaba Cloud Database Selected by VLDB

This short article discusses some of the seven papers from Alibaba Cloud included at VLDB 2022.

The VLDB 2022, an international academic summit on databases, kicked off on September 5 in Sydney, Australia. VLDB, SIGMOD, and ICDE are known as the three top academic summits in the database industry, which record the most cutting-edge research results of research institutions and technology companies in the database field. This time, seven papers from the Alibaba Cloud Database Team were included in the VLDB 2022. Five were written exclusively by Alibaba Cloud and Alibaba DAMO Academy.

The paper entitled CloudJump: Optimizing Cloud Database for Cloud Storage introduces the performance challenges faced in cloud-native database PolarDB under the compute-storage separation architecture, analyzes the differences in the working characteristics of cloud storage compared with traditional local storage and their root causes, discusses the problems and challenges encountered when deploying various storage engines onto cloud storage, and proposes a unified optimization framework. Finally, experiments proved that the optimization framework CloudJump is suitable for both PolarDB and RocksDB.

The paper entitled Operon: An Encrypted Database for Ownership-Preserving Data Management introduces the system design behind the full encryption function based on advanced cryptography, TEE trusted hardware, and other technologies and proposes a database paradigm (Owner-Preserving Database Paradigm) for protecting data ownership. It is the industry's first data management system that covers the full lifecycle of data usage and allows data owners to control their data ownership exclusively. As one of the two cloud vendors in the world that has achieved full encryption, Alibaba Cloud now has many fully encrypted products in the Alibaba Cloud Database.

The paper entitled Ganos: A Multidimensional, Dynamic, and Scene-Oriented Cloud-Native Spatial Database Engine introduces the system design behind Ganos, an aerospace database engine. It analyzes the challenges of multidimensional, dynamic, and scene-oriented new spatial multi-modal data under the background of new technologies (such as earth observation and digital twinning). It also puts forward from bottom to top the low-cost and high-availability Object Storage Service (OSS) expansion, the space/time and space/grid new data type and model system, the multi-dimensional index access method, and the multi-level spatial parallel query and structure optimization. Ganos (with the help of PolarDB) has become the industry's first commercial database with a cloud-native spatial data engine and the first to systematically support data processing capabilities for mobile objects and 3D scenarios.

The paper entitled Tair-PMem: A Fully Durable Non-Volatile Memory Database introduces the design of Tair-PMem in-memory database based on NVM, which solves the problem where traditional DRAM cannot meet the load requirements of full persistence and big data storage. Tair-PMem effectively alleviates the performance overhead of NVM with its clever design, reduces the complexity of NVM programming, and realizes full compatibility with Redis, while obtaining the advantages of full persistence, extremely low tail latency, and lower cost. Tair-PMem is the first commercial cloud service to effectively utilize NVM persistence.

The paper entitled SA-LSM: Optimize Data Layout for LSM-tree Based Storage using Survival Analysis proposes a new cold data recognition algorithm (SA-LSM) which has been integrated into PolarDB X-Engine based on LSM-tree architecture. This is done by creatively applying a survival analysis method that has been widely recognized in the biomedical field. Compared with the existing methods in terms of the actual business load, the recognition rate of cold data is significantly improved by 31.0% to 48.9%, and the 99-bit delay can be reduced by 31.5% to 78.9% under the same storage cost.

Alibaba Cloud Database Team has 50 papers included in some top international conferences and journals in recent years and has obtained nearly 1,000 patents. Alibaba Cloud has also realized innovative capabilities (such as compute-storage separation, three-tier decoupling, multi-client architecture, HTAP, Serverless, monolithic and distributed architecture, full encryption, intelligence, and autonomy). Alibaba Cloud entered the Gartner Global Database Leaders Quadrant twice in 2020 and 2021 as the only technology manufacturer from China. Alibaba Cloud has served 150,000 customers in the Internet, government affairs, retail, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, logistics, and other fields. According to the latest data from IDC, Alibaba Cloud ranks first in China's relational database market.

The Seven Papers Included in the VLDB 2022

Papers 1-5 are the exclusive research result of Alibaba Cloud and DAMO Academy.

  1. CloudJump: Optimizing Cloud Database for Cloud Storage. VLDB 2022
  2. Operon: An Encrypted Database for Ownership-Preserving Data Management. VLDB 2022
  3. Ganos: A Multidimensional, Dynamic, and Scene-Oriented Cloud-Native Spatial Database Engine. VLDB 2022
  4. Tair-PMem: A Fully Durable Non-Volatile Memory Database. VLDB 2022
  5. SA-LSM: Optimize Data Layout for LSM-tree Based Storage using Survival Analysis. VLDB 2022
  6. VRE: A Versatile, Robust, and Economical Trajectory Data System. VLDB 2022
  7. Facilitating Database Tuning with Hyper-Parameter Optimization: A Comprehensive Experimental Evaluation. VLDB 2022
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