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Alibaba Cloud Upgrades Its Cloud-Native Partner Program

This article talks about the Cloud-Native Partner Program and how it plans to empower all industries entering the digital native era.

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By Ning Xiaomin from Alibaba Developer

In the past few years, the concept of "Cloud-Native" has become increasingly known to customers and partners. Cloud-native technologies, cloud-native products, and cloud-native architectures are being gradually defined. At the Apsara Conference 2020, Ning Xiaomin, a Senior Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud, introduced the concept and practices of cloud-native and the release of Cloud-Native Industry Alliance (CNIA).


As for cloud-native architectures, we need to make the most of cloud capabilities. Cloud-native architectures are developed based on cloud-native services, such as containers, microservices, Service Mesh, and Serverless. Alibaba was one of the first enterprises exploring cloud-native technology. As early as 2007-2008, Alibaba's e-commerce system transitioned from the original IBM Oracle EMC (IOE) architecture to the distributed architecture in a service-oriented manner, and open-source through Dubbo. In 2015, it was made commercially available through Alibaba's middlewares.

In 2011, Alibaba started to explore and research containers and open-source through Pouch. In 2016, Alibaba provided container services for users. In 2017, Alibaba also began to commercialize Service Mesh and Serverless. Alibaba has been deeply engaged in the cloud-native community for decades. Through exploration and practice, Alibaba has accumulated considerable experience and excellent solutions. The mature technologies and products help enterprises seize opportunities in the wave of digital transformation.

At the same time, Alibaba has made remarkable achievements in the cloud-native community. In terms of technical standards, we and Microsoft jointly launched Open Application Mode (OAM), which defines cloud-native application standards and architecture modeling. In terms of commercialization, Alibaba Cloud is the only vendor in China that was listed in Gartner's Competitive Landscape of Public Cloud Container Service Market in China for two consecutive years. With Alibaba Cloud's exploration and practice in the cloud-native community and the development and maturity of cloud-native technologies, Alibaba Cloud has become a definer and leader in the cloud-native community.

For the future of cloud-native technology, we believe that it has become a new interface for cloud computing. Cloud-native technology can reshape the entire lifecycle of software development and promote the transformation and upgrading of the information industry. Therefore, we believe that cloud-native is the shortest path to realize the benefits of cloud computing technology. At this conference, Alibaba Cloud officially launched CNIA. The Middleware Partner Program was fully upgraded to the Cloud-Native Partner Program of Alibaba Cloud. In the new program, we have made great upgrades in the product range, cooperation mode, cooperation rights, and interests. We will focus on supporting and empowering 100 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), 10,000 partners, and 500,000 developers. Alibaba Cloud helps millions of customers achieve digital transformation.


The Cloud-Native Partner Program of Alibaba Cloud is driven by Solution Partners and integrates Distribution Partners and Managed Service Partners (MSPs). It helps these partners improve their sales, product, solution, and service capabilities. Adhering to the positioning of cloud-native infrastructure, practicing skills, and being integrated, we help partners build core competitiveness and jointly serve enterprises for digital transformation.

Presently, the Cloud-Native Partner Program has expanded to 40 listed leading software companies in the industry, building more than 200 joint solutions and serving more than 20,000 customers. Leading partners include Yilian Tongda, Serveyou, Nanrui, SuperMap, Terminus, Sunyur, and Chanjet. Alibaba Cloud has been pursuing "openness, win-win cooperation, and being integrated". This year, Jeff Zhang, President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, announced the company's strategy of "ecosystem". This year, two billion CNY special funds will be invested for the joint research and development of product technology, the construction of the ecosystem service system, and the cultivation of core ecosystem partners. We will help 50 partners achieve cloud-based revenue of over 100 million CNY. Here, we would like to invite all of our partners to join the Cloud-Native Partner Program to release more technical benefits through cloud-native and jointly empower all industries to enter the era of digital native!

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Techhelpdesk October 8, 2020 at 1:29 am

Nice article and nice initiative AlibabaCloud Group

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