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Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service: Transcending Traditional Storage

This article explains how object storage overcomes the problems associated with traditional storage.

By Rupal Shirpurkar, Business Head (Cloud BU – APAC) of Click2Cloud Inc. and Alibaba Cloud MVP

Traditionally, users of on-premise NAS technology face many problems, including storing static files, videos, and images and having hardware failures, scalability issues, and limited storage space. Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) can handle and manipulate distinct data units called objects, thereby resolving the problems above. Unstructured data storage using object storage is highly scalable and allows you to store large amounts of data. With the help of OSS, you can store your data in an object store easily using Rest APIs, including storing for a server, application, or backup.

A Cloud-Based Object Storage Service from Alibaba

Today's applications are less compatible with traditional storage. Alibaba Cloud OSS provides a solution for traditional storage systems.

1.  Longevity

A major benefit of OSS is its durability. The system is designed to be data integrated. Therefore, you don't have to worry about losing data if a disk fails.

2.  Security

REST APIs are highly available on Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS). Object storage gives users the freedom to read and write data without worrying if a single server goes down.

3.  Flexibility

A traditional system, such as a file or block, has a lot of limitations on how much data it can store. There are Petabytes and Exabytes of data that can be stored in object storage.

4.  Reliability

As mentioned above, object storage is accessible via REST APIs, which allow users to access their stored data regardless of their location and workload requirements.

5.  Object Security

The majority of object storage supports REST-based access to encrypted data and allows users to encrypt data in transit. As a result, object storage offers a secure environment for storing data.

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS)

1.  Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data loss can be prevented by load redundancy in case a component fails. Disaster recovery is essential to maintain critical IT workloads and backup data. On the other hand, disaster recovery is expensive to set up, manage, and maintain. Its network-based accessibility makes Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) an ideal solution for storing data more securely and cost-effectively.

Fig: The Use of Object Storage as a Backup Platform Replacement

2.  Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

A lot of data is collected in the health care industry, and analysts want to analyze it. It is a great solution to store and manage the huge amount of sample data in Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS). The user can run tons of flows on top of the framework.

Fig: Data Center for Large Health Care Organizations: Object Storage Service

3.  Cloud-Native

Applications can be built by any organization interested in building iOS or Android applications. They can store data requirements by utilizing object storage. As a result, it provides cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) can distribute user data objects over the Internet directly via HTTP. Data from websites can be created and modified via the Graphical User Interface (GUI) or API requests.

Fig: Object Storage Service for Static Content

4.  Data Archive

Media companies with a large number of media assets that want to store those assets should use this solution. A great way to do that is with object storage. You can store large amounts of media assets easily with it. There are many Document Management Systems (DMS) that offer the ability to store and retrieve documents from Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) via an S3 compatible API interface. In media companies, client and employee documents are exchanged globally with OSS, such as marketing material, legal documents, media files, etc.

Fig: Conventional DMS with Storage Servers and Object Storage Backend

OSS Advantages

1.  Leading SLAs

Alibaba Cloud OSS provides 99.99% availability for local redundant storage and 99.995% availability for zone redundant storage.

2.  Affordable and Easily Consumed

Standard, Infrequent Access, Archive, and Cold Archive are the four levels of storage offered by OSS. Prices are tailored to specific storage patterns for each tier.

3.  Secure and Compliant Security for Enterprises

OSS ensures the security of your data in transit, during storage, or during access, by encrypting your data when it is stored on a cloud platform with your key. Write-Once-Ready-Many (WORM) protects data against accidental and malicious deletion.

4.  Data Migration Is Simple

Customers will not have to use different storage tools when migrating objects from other object storage services. Amazon S3 objects can be interacted with via Alibaba Cloud OSS APIs. A managed migration engine is also available, which facilitates the transfer of objects from various data sources, including Amazon S3, Azure Blobs, Google Cloud, etc.

5.  Integrated Media Processing

Media processing features are built into Open-Source Software to simplify developer experience and eliminate the need to maintain a compute cluster.

6.  OSS Also Supports Data Analytics.

Data can be accessed through a wide range of analytics engines. Alibaba Cloud OSS integrates with a wide range of Alibaba Cloud analytic tools with minimal modifications, including Elastic MapReduce, MaxCompute, Flink, and Data Lake Analytics, and machine learning products, such as AI platform and EMR. A wide range of open-source products can be used with Databricks, Spark Hadoop, Presto, Impala, etc.


Traditional storage systems are prone to durability, cost, effectiveness, and scalability problems. Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) has overcome all the problems mentioned above by providing users with an easier way to store large amounts of data. Objects are used to store data. Data can be stored in any file format, including videos, images, music, documents, etc. Scalability, flexibility, availability, security, and durability are some of the features that make Alibaba Cloud OSS special. Alibaba Cloud provides object storage solutions that are flexible and accessible from anywhere.

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