Community Blog Alibaba Cloud MVPs at the Apsara Conference 2019 - Leading, Sharing, and Changing

Alibaba Cloud MVPs at the Apsara Conference 2019 - Leading, Sharing, and Changing

During the Apsara Conference 2019, 12 Global MVPs gathered in Hangzhou to experience the latest from Alibaba, in hopes of sharing their newfound knowledge to the world.

Since its inception in 2017, the Alibaba Cloud Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program has continued to grow globally, now with 128 international MVPs from 33 different countries and regions. The MVPs are thought leaders and technology experts devoted to helping others fully understand and use Alibaba Cloud technologies. 12 of our MVPs attended this year's Apsara Conference in Hangzhou, hailing from all across the world, including Australia, German, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore and US. This marks the first time ever that such a large number of international MVPs participated in the annual Apsara Conference.

Let's take a look at some of the most memorable activities our MVPs have been up to at the Apsara Conference 2019!


MVP Global Summit 2019


On September 24th, we held the 5th MVP Global Summit at Cloud Computing Industrial Park, Hangzhou. More than 80 MVPs attended, including 74 domestic MVPs and 7 international MVPs. In addition, Yunfei He, Alibaba Cloud Product Management Department Director, and Xiangwen Liu, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, Strategy and Alliance Department, joined the summit and hosted a panel with our MVPs to discuss about the "Alibaba Cloud Product Architecture and Design Concept of Future IoT" as well as the "Alibaba Cloud with Developers" session.



4 top awards were handed out to our international MVPs, including the Fans' Favorite Award, Most Active Award, Product Expert MVP, and MVP of the Year Award. Léon Rodenburg, MVP from the Netherlands and Software Development Consultant at Xebia was awarded with the Fans' Favorite Award. Sylvester Lee, CEO at Verifier and an MVP from Malaysia, as well as Nobuhide Watanabe, MVP from Japan who is a Cloud Solution Architect at Serverworks Co., Ltd., both received the Most Active Award. Alberto Roura, a Spanish MVP based in Australia, who is also the founder of CIRRUS AUDIT, was awarded as the MVP of the Year. Jiangwei Jiang, one of the founder of Alibaba Group and Head of Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure Products, presented the MVP of the Year award at the summit.



On September 27th, our International MVP team visited the Apsara Exhibition hall to get a deeper understanding of the whole Alibaba Group ecosystem and programs. The exhibition mainly showcased Alibaba Cloud's China Gateway program, New Retail technologies, Cainiao Express, and the Tech for Change program. These programs displays Alibaba Cloud's and Alibaba Group's active contributions towards the global community by using advanced technologies.


Product Discussion with Alibaba Experts


On September 25th, we hosted a 3-hour product discussion for all MVPs and 8 international MVPs and invited 7 product teams from Alibaba to the event. The teams who were present were the IoT, Container, Database, Big Data, AI, Security, and Middleware teams. The MVPs had a thoughtful discussion with our product teams and were able to solve some technical problems directly and effectively. Our product teams also benefited from the discussion as they were able to gain a better understanding of their customers's pain points.


Onsite Interview and Booth Tour

On the 25th, our MVPs were able to share their thoughts and experiences at the conference through onsite interviews. 4 MVPs were interviewed: Han Neng Wong - MVP from Singapore (IT Infra Manager at Charles & Keith), Eli Landon - MVP from US (Site Reliability Engineer at The Trade Desk), Alberto Roura - MVP from Australia (founder of CIRRUS AUDIT), and Léon Rodenburg - MVP from the Netherlands (Software Development Consultant at Xebia).

Han Neng Wong, IT manager of Charles and Keith, Singapore MVP in Apsara Live Room.

Eli Landon, US MVP, Site Reliability Manager from Trade Desk in the Apsara Live Room

MVPs Alberto and Leon also organized booth tours for our guests. They served as speakers, displaying some exciting exhibits at the conference as well as share their own experience with Alibaba Cloud with the visitors.

Booth Tour

Webinar Recording

Our MVPs are not only just influencers in the community but are also experts in the tech world. Three of the MVPs recorded webinars on the 26th; Leon hosted a webinar about Severless, Alberto hosted a webinar on IoT, and Sylvester hosted a webinar about Blockchain. Through the webinars, they were able to share their knowledge in their respective fields and provide suggestions to our customers on building new, innovative solutions on Alibaba Cloud.

Sylvester, Malaysia MVP, CEO of Verificer & CTO of Fiiipay presenting a webinar in Apsara Campus

Webinar Recording

Together for More Changes in the Future

The success of Alibaba Cloud MVPs in this year's Apsara Conference 2019 is only the beginning. Our global MVP community will continue building a collaborative community that inspires innovation and growth throughout the global tech community. As pioneers of new technologies and opinion leaders from different industries, the Alibaba Cloud global MVPs will continually strive to bring positive changes to the world through practical solutions.

We hope to see you at next year's Apsara Conference!

To learn more about Alibaba Cloud MVP, visit https://mvp.alibabacloud.com




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