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Alibaba Cloud International Professional Services | One-Stop Solutions for Localized Businesses in Malaysia

This short article discusses the strides and accolades of Alibaba Cloud in Malaysia.

By Zimao

The Alibaba Cloud Malaysia Data Center commenced operations in 2017. As the first public cloud platform and one-stop solution center in Malaysia, the data center enables local enterprises to build their business and applications on a robust, reliable, and secure local cloud platform. Alibaba Cloud offers a wide range of products (including cloud servers (ECS), storage services (RDS), and more) for local enterprises to choose from based on their business needs.

In 2021, Alibaba Cloud started to build a local Customer Success Center (CSC) in Malaysia to manage projects and serve local customers more effectively. As a key part of the Alibaba Cloud Malaysia Service Center, the CSC has been providing end-to-end localized service and support from pre-sales through project delivery to O&M. On top of that, it offers a wide variety of quality services for local enterprises (such as consulting services, customized development project support and management, and O&M management), aiming to support Malaysia's technological innovation through cloud computing services. Since its inception, the Malaysian CSC Team has delivered a number of projects locally, bringing revolutionary and technological leadership to the Malaysian government and enterprises. In 2022, the CSC started a new milestone by expanding to regions beyond Malaysia. Now, it has a designated service and management team in these regions and provides professional services and support to Vietnam and Indonesia, including digital transformation consulting and development and integrated program management services.

Alibaba Cloud Malaysia

Local Customer Service

The CSC partnered with Sena Traffic Systems to create Malaysia's first AI-powered traffic control system in Kuala Lumpur using Alibaba Cloud's smart transportation technology. In the first phase, 281 road junctions will be connected to the system to speed up vehicle traffic in Kuala Lumpur. The system will also open up a green light channel for emergency vehicles. Alibaba Cloud has successfully supported solving the traffic problems in Kuala Lumpur using data intelligence in a very short period.


The CSC and Revenue Monster have pulled off a tech-fueled revamp of Genting SkyWorlds in Malaysia amid the raging pandemic. Alibaba Cloud's AI technology provides virtual queue and itinerary planning services, reducing visitors' queuing time and elevating their experiences in the park. Data intelligence enables real-time monitoring of the amusement facilities and offers suggestions on how to adjust the parameters of these facilities for management.

Local Ecosystem Partner Development

So far, the CSC has more than 100 certified partners in Malaysia and has completed and delivered projects in many different fields, including Degree Distribution's products, security products and network products, Cloudify's cloud storage, and Alibaba Cloud training courses and summit meetings (in collaboration with Handsprofit).



The CSC hosts the AsiaForward_ Startup Day Summit with Handsprofit in Kuala Lumpur.

Local Talent Training

CSC Malaysia team is responsible for local customers and projects in Malaysia while supporting businesses in other regions. Relying on the expertise, mutual trust, and teamwork of all members, the team developed into an indispensable international service team.

The site of CSC Malaysia's Local Talent Awards

Moving forward, the CSC will continue fostering local professionals, developing ecosystem partners, and working with frontline teams and partners to serve customers and guide them through digital transformation. It will also gradually expand to surrounding areas. So far, the CSC has successfully transported local talents to Vietnam and Indonesia to provide professional services there.

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