Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Brings New Innovative Solutions to Accelerate MENA Digitalization

Alibaba Cloud Brings New Innovative Solutions to Accelerate MENA Digitalization

The cloud leader underscores its commitment at Alibaba Cloud Day Dubai to better support local digitalization and ecosystem innovations in the MENA region.

Dubai, UAE, June 9, 2022 – Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, today hosted Alibaba Cloud Day Dubai to bring a set of end-to-end innovative products and vertical solutions to better supporting local digitalization and ecosystem innovations in the MENA region, especially targeting key focused sectors with huge demands in digital transformation including retail, finance, transportation and sustainable energy.

The vertical products and solutions which cover aspects from mPaaS for efficient mobile SuperApp build-up, digital onboarding technologies, omni-channel retail solution, digital supply chain and intelligent warehouse, to smart traffic solutions and carbon management tools, underscores Alibaba Cloud's continuous efforts in bringing cutting-edge technologies and proven industry know-how to the market to serve customers' growing demands for accelerated digital transformation.

Delivering the welcome speech at the event, Selina Yuan, Alibaba Group VP & Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International President, said: “The Middle East is a key market for Alibaba Cloud and the adoption of cloud technology is gaining significant momentum that is attracting global players to enter the region. As a global leading cloud service provider, we are committed to providing the best-in-class cloud computing infrastructure and services, and proven industry know-how for our local customers and partners in various sectors to enhance their business throughout their digital transformation journey.”

Also speaking at the event was Alibaba Cloud's newly appointed General Manager of the Middle East and Africa, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, Daniel Jiang, who said: “We are thrilled to host Alibaba Cloud Day in a thriving city such as Dubai. With the exponential growth expected for key sectors such as finance, retail, transportation across the Middle East and Africa, technology will facilitate businesses to scale up with the speed and flexibility needed to meet the digital demands of the region. With huge growth potential in the region, we will continue to invest in the market to enhance collaborations with local partners to provide tailor-made vertical solution to local businesses across industries to help them thrive in the digital age.”

The Alibaba Cloud Day Dubai builds on Alibaba Cloud's robust local ecosystem with over 40 partners and customers locally across different sectors. Held at the Address Dubai Mall, the event gathered some of the region's leading experts to share their insights and expertise into the emerging digital transformation taking place in the region. Leading speakers including Adel Shakri, Director of Planning and Business Development, Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Marius Ciavola, CEO of Tradeling, Savio Anthony, Category Head for Cloud, Infrastructure & Managed Services Group at Redington Gulf, and Isi Abebe, CEO of ShopexTV shed light on how they collaborate with Alibaba Cloud to accelerate digitization and innovation across various sectors including retail, internet, fintech and transportation.

As the world's leading cloud service provider, Alibaba Cloud boasts a network of 84 availability zones in 27 regions across the globe, offering a highly secure, scalable, robust cloud infrastructure to support global customers embracing digital innovation. Alibaba Cloud has been a leading provider of cloud services to local private companies and public institutions in the UAE and the wider Middle East region since 2015.

Alibaba Group is the world's third leading and Asia Pacific's leading IaaS provider by revenue in 2020 in U.S. dollars, according to Gartner's April 2021 report.

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