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Accelerating Access between Regions

Global Acceleration uses access points worldwide to speed up Internet access to services hosted in one region for users located in other regions.

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Global Acceleration (GA) is a network acceleration product based on Alibaba's global backbone network. Global Acceleration enables quick network access from the nearest access point, which reduces the network impact on service quality such as latency, jitter, and packet loss, and creates a better user experience for global users of your services.

You can create and configure a Global Acceleration instance to accelerate the Internet access of an application for users worldwide.

Use Cases

Accelerate Access for Trading Clients

Chinese customers accessing MT trading servers hosted outside of China is a very common scenario. Generally access to these trading servers hosted outside of China via an MT4 proxy server will be jittery and prone to higher rates of packet loss when delivered via public internet. A perfect solution to this problem will be to subscribe to GA within China and deploy the MT4 proxy service in either Japan (for access to US Servers) or Hong Kong (for Access to Europe Servers). Earlier, this would require access to Express Connect and a set of reverse proxy servers hosted in China created more single points of Failures. With GA, the traffic from China is directly delivered to an internal Server Load Balancer (SLB) or an Elastic Compute Service (ECS). The diagram below shows how this setup is done using a few logical blocks.


Accelerate Access for Backend Servers

With Alibaba Cloud Global Acceleration, you do not have to manually configure content delivery acceleration to edge locations, which can be complicated, and requires longtime debugging. Global Acceleration ensures you the high availability, scalability, performance, and flexible routing.

Basically, Global Acceleration provides the point-to-point acceleration by using EIPs (elastic IP addresses) to map the ECS instances or VPC Server Load Balancer instances on your centralized servers to the public network. Global Acceleration speeds up the cross-region and cross-country connection to the servers

Acceleration of access to gaming servers are a common use-case for which GA is used. The Solutions center document on this captures further details.

°≠And Everything Else Acceleration

GA also extends the advantage to users wanting a stable and SLA driven connection between regions for accessing backends or reverse proxying requests from a particular region to services hosted in another region. This service will come handy when deploying web frontends to a new market location (especially China) without having to deploy the entire backend resources in the new region.


Global Acceleration has the following benefits possibly opening up a wide variety of use cases to which GA can be applied.

  1. Independently purchased and possessed: Each Global Acceleration instance is an independent resource under your account.
  2. Flexible binding: Bind to a single server or a collection of servers via a Load Balancer
  3. Configurable network capabilities: You can adjust the peak bandwidth for Global Acceleration instances based on your business needs

Alibaba Cloud provides a wide variety of networking products to cater to different scenarios.

To learn more about Global Acceleration, visit www.alibabacloud.com/help/doc-detail/56607.htm

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Raja_KT February 10, 2019 at 1:08 pm

Great one. It will be more interesting if we can see real use-cases and the spikes of traffics at various phases and how the reverse proxy helps.


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