Community Blog ACPN Partner Certificate Introduction

ACPN Partner Certificate Introduction

This article explains the three categories of the ACPN partner certificate.

Partner Certificate

After the new partner finishing the onboarding process and ACPN is empowered, the BD can apply for the corresponding type of certificate for the partner, which shows proof of cooperation between partners and Alibaba Cloud. It can be displayed on the partner’s official website. There are three categories of the partner certificate: level certificate, identity certificate, and cooperation certificate.

Level Certificate

  1. Level Certificate includes five levels: standard, selected, premium, elite, and flagship.
  2. This certificate is mostly applicable to partners that need to demonstrate the tiers. According to past application data, most partners at selected, premium, elite, and flagship levels apply for a Level Certificate.


Identity Certificate

  1. There are two identities: Tier 1 partners (reseller/distributor/agency) and Tier 2 partners.
  2. Any tier of partner can apply for an identity certificate.
  3. Partners that have already applied for a level certificate can also apply for an identity certificate.


Cooperation Certificate

  1. It refers to the cooperation certificate between the partner and Alibaba Cloud, which can be applied for by any type of partner.
  2. Partners that have already applied for the first two types of certificates can also apply for a cooperation certificate.


How Can I Apply for a Certificate?

The BD can click the link to apply for a certificate for the partner, select the type of certificate, fill in all required content, and click Submit:

Partners that need to apply for the certificates above can e-mail blog.ACPN@alibabacloud.com.

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