In-depth Application of Flink in Ant Group Real-time Feature Store

This article is based on the keynote speech on AI feature engineering given by ZHAO Liangxingyun, a senior technical expert of Ant Group, during Flink Forward Asia 2023.

Apache Flink Community June 14, 2024

Blogs of the Week – Ep. 9, 2024

Each week, we compile the hottest and most impactful topics. Let’s take a look at the ninth episode of Blogs of the Week in 2024.

Alibaba Cloud Community June 14, 2024

Alibaba's 2024 Global Math Competition Announces Preliminary Round Results

Over 800 participants from 17 countries and regions reached the last stage of this year's Alibaba Global Math Competition.

Alibaba Cloud Community June 14, 2024

Taobao and Tmall Upgrades Consumer Shopping Experience and Merchant Support Through AI

Taobao and Tmall Group is Alibaba's core e-commerce division and a locus of digital retail innovation fueled by large language model Qwen.

Alibaba Cloud Community June 14, 2024

How to Implement SaaS on Alibaba Cloud

This guideline introduces how to implement SaaS on Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud Community June 14, 2024

Development Strategy and Methodology of SaaS on Alibaba Cloud

This guideline introduces the development strategy and methodology of SaaS on Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud Community June 14, 2024

Field Renaming Mastery with Logstash in Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch

This in-depth guide navigates through creating and configuring a Logstash pipeline to handle special characters, enhancing data migration capabilities.

Data Geek June 14, 2024

Development of Java Logging Part 1: Past and Present

By Shangzuo Preface Initially, I wrote this article to share my knowledge of Java logging with my team, as I often encountered irrational logging co.

Alibaba Cloud Community June 14, 2024

異種 ECS インスタンスを使用した Stable Diffusion Web UI の実装

この記事では、GPU ベースの ECS インスタンスに Stable Diffusion を実装するための手順を段階的に説明します。

Regional Content Hub June 14, 2024

Alibaba Cloud ACK One: Quickly Build A Zone-disaster Recovery System with Multi-cluster Gateways

This article introduces the ACK One multi-cluster gateways and their benefits in implementing zone-disaster recovery for multi-cluster applications.

Alibaba Container Service June 13, 2024

Point-in-Time Recovery for PolarDB-X Operator: Leveraging Two Heartbeat Transactions

This article explains PolarDB-X Operator's global PITR (point-in-time recovery) achievement for XA/TSO transactions and introduces a two-heartbeat transaction recovery method.

ApsaraDB June 13, 2024

Enhancing Visual Insights: Integrating AMAP with Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch Kibana

Learn how to visualize provincial boundaries and enrich your data insights with this step-by-step guide.

Data Geek June 13, 2024

Safeguarding Your Data with PolarDB-X: Backup and Restoration

This article describes the backup and restoration features of PolarDB-X.

ApsaraDB June 13, 2024

Interpretation of Global Binlog and Backup and Restoration Capabilities of PolarDB-X 2.0

This article delves into PolarDB-X 2.0's Global Binlog feature and its backup and restoration functionalities, highlighting their role in preventing data silos and safeguarding database information.

ApsaraDB June 12, 2024

RocketMQ 5.0: What Characteristics Does Event-driven in the Cloud Era Have?

This article introduces the event-driven aspects of RocketMQ 5.0 and EventBridge.

Alibaba Cloud Native June 12, 2024

RocketMQ 5.0 IoT Messaging: What Message Technology Does IoT Need?

This article introduces the technical architecture of a typical IoT scenario, emphasizing the dual role of Message Queues in connecting IoT applications and integrating cloud data processing.

Alibaba Cloud Native June 12, 2024

RocketMQ 5.0 Stream Database: How to Implement Integrated Stream Processing?

This article introduces the concepts and features of RocketMQ 5.0's stream processing capabilities, including RStreams and RSQLDB, and how they simplify stream processing.

Alibaba Cloud Native June 12, 2024

Data Lake for Stream Computing: The Evolution of Apache Paimon

Uncover the advancements from Apache Hive to Hudi and Iceberg in stream computing, as our expert navigates the transformative landscape of real-time data lakes.

Apache Flink Community June 11, 2024

RocketMQ 5.0 Stream Storage: What Are the Requirements of Stream Scenarios?

This article introduces the concept of stream storage in RocketMQ 5.0, its usage scenarios, features, and applications through data integration cases.

Alibaba Cloud Native June 11, 2024

Alibaba Cloud’s Qwen2 with Enhanced Capabilities Tops LLM Leaderboard

The latest language model series from Alibaba Cloud topped rankings for open-sourced LLMs thanks to enhanced performance and safety alignment.

Alibaba Cloud Community June 11, 2024
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