Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Microservices Engine Has Launched Globally, Making Microservice Open-Source More Inclusive

Alibaba Cloud Microservices Engine Has Launched Globally, Making Microservice Open-Source More Inclusive

This short article explains why Alibaba Cloud Microservices Engine (MSE) has become one of the most popular microservice platforms in China.

The maturity of microservice technology has allowed the hierarchy of the core architecture of microservices to become clearer. Also, technical standardization and industrialization are taking shape. Microservices are transitioning from being built well to being used well, resulting in a series of commercial services for microservice infrastructure components (such as registration and configuration), service governance, and cloud-native gateways.

Alibaba Cloud Microservices Engine (MSE) is a comprehensive platform for the industry's mainstream open-source microservice ecosystem. It provides full hosting of registration and configuration center (natively supports Nacos, ZooKeeper, and Eureka), gateway (natively supports Ingress and Envoy), and enhanced service governance that is non-intrusive open-source (natively supports Spring Cloud and Dubbo).

MSE launched commercial services in China in October 2020 and has attracted nearly 10,000 customers that use it as a microservices model that features lower-cost construction and more stable operation on the cloud. MSE is open to the Alibaba Cloud International site to help customers enjoy more inclusive microservice technologies.

Alibaba Cloud MSE International Website

Core Function One: Full Hosting of Registration and Configuration Center

ZooKeeper, Eureka, and Nacos are the mainstream open-source solutions for microservice registration and the configuration center. However, they often bring high construction and O&M costs to customers due to their complex dependencies and frequent changes. MSE has optimized its usability and performance, providing a rich and complete monitoring and alarm system, console O&M operations, and engine types. With multi-datacenter and multi-zone disaster recovery capability and automatic downtime recovery capability, 99.95% availability can be ensured. This detailed help document compares self-built solutions and MSE.


Core Function Two: Service Governance

The core challenge of software architecture is to solve the system complexity caused by rapid business growth. Large business scales and complex systems make small technical problems magnified, which cause online faults. Containerization transformation in the process of cloud-native evolution has added more system complexity to microservice governance, making this phenomenon more serious.

MSE can enhance mainstream open-source microservice frameworks (such as Spring Cloud and Apache Dubbo) without intrusiveness and provide rich service governance functions (such as canary release, end-to-end canary release, lossless online and offline, outlier ejection, and service authentication), decoupling middleware and business.


Core Function Three: Cloud-Native Gateway

Cloud-native gateway is known as the next-generation gateway. Under the microservices model of virtualization, services usually adopt a two-tier architecture, including the traffic gateway and microservice gateway. The traffic gateway is responsible for north-south traffic scheduling and security protection, and the microservice gateway is responsible for east-west traffic scheduling and service governance. Ingress has become the gateway standard of the Kubernetes ecosystem in the cloud-native era dominated by containers and Kubernetes, giving the gateway a new mission and making it possible to integrate the traffic gateway and microservice gateway.

This reduces resource costs by 50% and allows you to use and maintain gateways at a lower cost. The following figure shows the deployment structure. The left side shows the traditional gateway mode, and the right side shows the next-generation cloud-native gateway mode.


In addition, MSE provides a wealth of security authentication and service governance capabilities. It has done kernel tuning in performance, and there will be a new hardware acceleration function. Combined with Alibaba's two-year promotion experience, it has been expanded in high availability construction.

MSE has become one of the most popular microservice platforms in China, serving enterprises, such as Skechers, Laidian Technology, Wanxinbuzhi, Helian Health, Wanshifu, and Yunhuoyouxuan. It will launch in 23 regions worldwide, including Hong Kong (China), Singapore, Manila, London, and Silicon Valley. This will solve the concerns of overseas customers, Go to China customers, and local customers in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the United States when it comes to the construction and stable operation of microservices.

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