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Highly Scalable Real Time Video Streaming Solution

Ant Media provides ready to use, highly scalable real time video streaming solutions for live video streaming needs.

Ant Media provides ready to use, highly scalable real time video streaming solutions for live video streaming needs. Based on customer requirements and preferences, it enables live video streaming solution to be deployed easily and quickly on premises or on public cloud networks such as Alibaba Cloud.

Ant Media’s well known product, called Ant Media Server, is a video streaming platform and technology enabler, providing highly scalable, Ultra Low Latency (WebRTC) and Low Latency (CMAF & HLS) video streaming solutions supported with operational management utilities.
Ant Media Server in a cluster mode dynamically scales up and down to enable our customers serve from tens to millions of viewers in an automated and controlled way.

Ant Media Server provides compatibility to be played in any Web Browser. In addition, SDKs for iOS, Android and JS are provided freely to enable customers to expand their reach to a broader audience. Thanks to the adaptive bitrate streaming feature that allows any video to be played at any bandwidth on mobile devices.

Ant Media has been serving to a growing number of customers in 120+ countries all around the world. Customers from different segments such as Education, Live Auctions, Radio and TV Broadcasts, Enterprises, Service Providers, Government Agencies, Gaming Companies and Mobile / Web App Developers enhance their business by using Ant Media Server and benefiting from its capabilities. Hence the usage scenarios for Ant Media Server are growing fast. Here are the top usage scenarios.

Ant Media Server can provide virtual classrooms with teachers as many as it is required and it might be presented and viewed separately with ultra-low latency (sub second).

IP camera streaming
Watch and Monitor IP Cameras with Ultra Low Latency on Web Browser with Ant Media Server. You can embed ONVIF IP camera streams into your websites and mobile applications.

Ant Media Server supports N-N live video/audio conferencing by using WebRTC protocol that allows you to achieve ultra-low latency (sub second). Ant Media Server also provides scalability that can help you to scale up and down your solution dynamically.

Mobile Streaming Application
Easy to Integrate and Scalable Streaming Infrastructure Solutions for your Mobile Application Projects. You can build fast and stable streaming applications with Ant Media API’s and SDK’s.

Live Game Show
Scale Number of Viewers As Much As You Need. Live Video Experience has the significant role in Live Game Shows’ success. It must be scalable, and has low latency and bit rate adaptive capability. Ant Media Server provides highly scalable, ultra-low latency (sub second) and adaptive streaming.

E-sports Betting
Due to the biggest growth at E-sports, there is a tremendous demand for betting more than normal sports and video streaming with ultra-low latency is a game changer for that industry.

Auction and Bidding Streaming
Live Auction should be streamed with ultra-low latency (sub second) in order to get bids on time. Otherwise, your items get sold for a lower price. Ant Media Server provides sub-second latency streaming.

Video Game Streaming
Gamers are generally complaining about interaction problems. Ant Media Server resolves this problem by ultra-low latency streaming (sub second) via WebRTC.

Ant media: https://antmedia.io/
To purchase on Marketplace:https://marketplace.alibabacloud.com/products/56712002/_em_Ant_em_em_Media_em_em_Server_em_em_Enterprise_em_em_2_2_1_em_-sgcmjj00025347.html?spm=a3c0i.730005.0.0.623b2faaHgVT6B&innerSource=search_ant%20media%20server%20enterprise%202.2.1

Ahmet Oguz Mermerkaya, CEO
Ant Media

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