Community Blog Reengineering the networking landscape, work from anywhere with Alibaba Cloud

Reengineering the networking landscape, work from anywhere with Alibaba Cloud

Reengineering the networking landscape, work from anywhere with Alibaba Cloud

The Asia Pacific market has seen extraordinary growth in cloud consumption as digital business transforms to counter a more challenging and urgency-driven phase due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The sudden shutdowns of offices, schools, and enterprises have not only increased the demand for cloud solutions but also accelerated the advancements in emerging technologies, IT infrastructure services, and the Internet of Things (IoT), paving the way for many organizations to adopt cloud computing services.

We also see global cloud vendors like Alibaba®, transforming the traditional cloud with the launch of local edge nodes, opening up a new range of possibilities. Organizations that were once limited in their cloud adoption journey due to sensitive customer data and low application latencies to offshore clouds, can now scale up with lesser restrictions, thanks to the local cloud option.

The benefits of having local nodes are boundless and NetFoundry has always been at the forefront in “inverting” the traditional cloud orchestration model. We partner to provide complete edge compute and IoT solutions, with embedded, cloud-orchestrated, zero trust network access (ZTNA), eliminating the extra costs, energy impact and complexity of separate networking hardware and local, manual configuration.


As we help our customers on their cloud adoption journey, we’re seeing a few use cases stirring up in the market. One of which, a scenario where customers are enhancing VPN performance to enable remote work. The widely distributed high-performance nodes accelerates content delivery, making sure that VPN performs reliably, even when experiencing a spike in usage.


In addition to that, we see customers trying to bring their resources back from overseas cloud nodes to local nodes in Alibaba. This opens the discussion for, multi-cloud links, cloud migrations links and cloud interconnect scenarios that would showcase the agility of establishing connectivity between two cloud environments.

There are customers deploying cloud native networking solutions, an approach to building and running applications that fully exploit the advantages of the cloud. In return, this architecture guarantees connectivity to users, branches, data centers and clouds all within the country.

Amongst legal and policy constraints when data and resources are virtualized and widely distributed, establishing sovereignty is an especially significant concern. We also see that, now, customers are also exploring options that can ensure data sovereignty, besides just securing their digital business using zero trust network access.


Finally, we have use cases where Independent Software Vendors (ISV) plan to launch their applications hosted on Alibaba as we provided them with the option to extend ZTNA as ZTAA (Zero Trust Application Access) with our Ziti SDKs. Ziti extends application delivery to wherever the application goes with consistent security, reliability and performance over the Internet.


In a nutshell, the scene of the networking landscape is now changing with infinite approaches to cloud adoption. There is no doubt that the aftermath of pandemic has led to innovation, changing the way businesses do business and adopting a sound cloud strategy is the only way to stay ahead in the game.

It is critical now, more than ever, to provide your organization with cloud-native, high-performance, secure and instant networking to increase internal productivity, accelerated time to market, enabling your business to compete as a modern digital enterprise. The big question is what approaches are you taking to bullet proof your business?

Netfoundry Zero Trust Networking Platform: https://marketplace.alibabacloud.com/products/56680003/_em_NetFoundry_em_Zero_Trust_Networking_Platform_BYOL_-sgcmjj00024839.html?spm=a3c0i.730005.0.0.27212faaKGDN73&innerSource=search_netfoundry

Written by Netfoundry Team:
Kapil Barman , APAC Pre-Sales Leader
Bernice F , APAC Marketing Manager

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