Community Blog The First Enterprise Edition of MariaDB in the Cloud Industry: ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX

The First Enterprise Edition of MariaDB in the Cloud Industry: ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX

In this blog, we will talk about Alibaba Cloud's new relational database service: ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX, its features, and its advantages.

Alibaba Cloud has just launched the enterprise edition of MariaDB - ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX - for the international market. This launch marks a great achievement for Alibaba Cloud's partnership with MariaDB, the Finland-based organization known for providing the most popular alternative to MySQL, a relational open source database.

Advantages of Enterprise Edition

Managing mission-critical workloads is a herculean task for most engineering teams. Teams require support to manage the database, fix bugs, and access patches. Alibaba Cloud's ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX eases this by offering users with instant access to all of these, unlike traditional cloud providers. It is compatible with Oracle and comes with unmatched features like enhanced security and database proxy. Besides, customers can choose between multiple storage engines such as InnoDB or MyRocks basis their business requirements.

Moreover, enterprises need not fear challenges in customer support since Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX also ensures proper escalation path to the core technical team that is capable of solving some of the most convoluted technical database support tasks.

Some of its key features and benefits include:

1. Advanced Database Protection and Security Event Tracking

Pre-protection: It allows users to configure IP whitelists and limit resource access to a specific set of defined instances. Additionally, users also have the power to set up advanced network control leveraging a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

Anti-DDoS Protection: Apart from this pre-protection, Alibaba Cloud provides Anti-DDoS protection to users.

Moreover, it also keeps a check on SQL injections with regular SQL audits.

2. Multi-Region Disaster Recovery with Increased Database Reliability and Availability

Active / Standby Architecture: Active / Standby architecture ensures that the system automatically switches the database connection to a standby instance in case of unavailability of one of the instances for continuous availability of the database.

Same City and Remote Disaster Recovery: Users can deploy active and standby instances in separate zones to further increase the reliability and availability. ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX also supports remote disaster recovery.

3. Auto-Scaling and Flexibility to Ensure Business Continuity

On-demand Provisioning: Auto-scaling enables users to expand the disk space and memory at any given point of time depending on their business needs and expansion plans. Scaling on-demand also gives users complete flexibility and ensures business continuity.

Multiple Editions: ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX offers multiple editions to users such as Active/Standby Edition, and Three-member Enterprise Edition. Users can select a cost-effective solution according to their needs.

Dedicated Servers: Users have the privilege to choose dedicated and highly efficient physical servers at a minimal value. Each instance can support up to 56 vCPUs, 480 GB memory, and 6 TB storage.

4. Integration with Big Data to Meet Enterprise Demands

It works with services such as E-MapReduce and HybridDB for PostgreSQL to help businesses carry out big data analysis, data warehousing, and other activities involving business intelligence.

ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX Application Scenarios

Apart from these features, ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX also comes with multiple maintenance features such as custom backup policies and restore, easy bug fixing with auto-version upgrade, custom alarm policies with cloud monitor integration, quick failure detection, and failover completion, and accurate performance diagnosis.

Moving on to the next segment, let's discuss certain scenarios and how ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX provides an edge to Alibaba Cloud users under those contexts:

1. Security and Disaster Recovery for Critical Financial Data

Financial data of organizations has always remained a prime target for cyber attackers. Alibaba Cloud's ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX possesses advanced security features such as pre-protection, attack detection and prevention, and security event auditing to help the enterprises safeguard their data from malicious attacks. ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX equips the financial businesses with a sturdy same city and remote disaster recovery infrastructure with active / standby architecture.

2. Economically Scalable and High-Performance Websites

ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX helps companies build low-cost yet high-performance websites offering standalone edition. Moreover, it uses read-write splitting and horizontal scalability to make the website flexible so that it can handle a significant amount of users at the same time.

3. Reliable and Durable Game Server Database

Game servers are most vulnerable to attackers who compromise the servers and the systems of players using them. However, ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX facilitates hassle-free deployment of game server databases with enhanced security features including data transmission encryption and automated disaster recovery.

Its active/standby architecture ensures the availability of at least 90% of the connected systems in case of a failover. Apart from this architecture, ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX uses cloned instances for data restoration. All the instances dedicated to the gaming server database are kept separately from each other to guarantee the continuity in services in any scenario.

4. Business Intelligence and Analytics

ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX integrates with big data computing tools including E-MapReduce, HybridDB, and DataV and enable organizations to make critical data-driven decisions. It boosts the enterprise's ability to meet the business demands with data warehousing, machine learning, and simulation models. It further speeds up the data transfer as it allows users to switch between classic network and VPC removing network silos.

For more information about ApsaraDB for MariaDB TX, check out: www.alibabacloud.com/products/apsaradb-for-rds-mariadb

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