Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Is the Only Cloud Vendor in China Selected for the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Alibaba Cloud Is the Only Cloud Vendor in China Selected for the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Alibaba Cloud was selected in Gartner's latest report, a strong testament to our product capability and strategic vision for Application Performance Monitoring (APM).

Recently, Gartner released the "2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM)". Alibaba Cloud is the only cloud vendor in China selected, with its product capability and strategic vision highly recognized by Gartner analysts.

Gartner is the world's most authoritative IT research and consulting firm. Its annual report on Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM provides a reliable benchmark for enterprises to choose APM tools. This test evaluates Application Real-time Monitoring Service (ARMS) as a core product of Alibaba Cloud APM in conjunction with Cloud Monitor and Log Service. Gartner's comments on Alibaba Cloud APM as follows:

  • Strongest influence in China: Alibaba Cloud is the largest cloud service provider in China. Its users can use cloud monitoring tools to meet the observability requirements.
  • Open-source integration: Alibaba Cloud attaches great importance to the integration of open source standards and products, such as Prometheus, into its platform.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared with using third-party APM products on Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Cloud APM products are more cost-effective.

2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM

Currently, enterprises are accelerating their digitization processes, which leads to frequent IT system updates and a sharp increase in application complexity. Microservices, containerization, and other cutting-edge technologies that used to be only concerned by technology companies are gradually emerging in traditional enterprises. Cloud services have long been a technological necessity for enterprises to run their digital businesses on a large scale. User experience-oriented APM has received extensive attention. APM has shown tremendous value in helping enterprises achieve digitalization and intelligent O&M.

For example, when a user opens an application, thousands of calls may be involved in this process. The response time is not only a metric for the frontend application, but also a key metric that all service centers should pay attention to. When errors occur, traditional O&M will perform troubleshooting and phone calls to solve the problems, which are inefficient and prone to data loss. During the services, enterprises need to address such issues as how to monitor the operation of the entire procedure in real time, and quickly locate the root causes when problems occur so as to inform those who are in charge.

In 2017, Alibaba released its in-house monitoring tools with long-term research to the public, marking the first time that the ARMS product was officially commercialized. As a cloud-native integrated observability platform, ARMS provides full-stack performance monitoring and end-to-end tracking diagnosis for a comprehensive process. In addition, with the data analysis of Alibaba Cloud Log Service (SLS) as well as various capabilities of cloud services and infrastructure monitoring of Cloud Monitor), users can easily experience the services owing to the all-in-one monitoring of applications, cloud services, and containers.


With a wide range of product layouts established in the APM, Alibaba Cloud has also been recognized by many customers in terms of its product capabilities. With ARMS, Didatravel has managed to build and enable a big data platform-based real-time application monitoring system within minutes, greatly improving the efficiency of its IT staff. As for CR Vanguard, no matter what problems that occur in the application, ARMS can clearly show which line of codes the problems are located, greatly shortening the time for fixing the problem.

As the digitalization process of enterprises accelerates, the performance of enterprises' applications directly affects the development of digital services. The market demands for APM are expanding. After more than ten years of technical practices, Alibaba Cloud has been equipped with the largest product family and open-source ecosystem of cloud native in China. It provides more than 100 innovative products with observability and high availability, such as cloud native bare metal servers, cloud-native databases, container service, microservices, thus empowering the transition towards cloud native architecture smoother for enterprises.

Learn more about Alibaba Cloud Application Real-time Monitoring Service (ARMS)www.alibabacloud.com/product/arms

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