What is a custom DNS?

A custom DNS is created by you using an existing domain name to provide resolution services. Professional background is required to create such a server. Otherwise, we recommend that you directly use DNS resolution services of a domain name provider.

What does a server name consist of?

A valid DNS name must consist of letters (a-z, case-insensitive), numbers (0-9), period (.), and dash (-), and be limited to 80 characters. A DNS name cannot start or end with the period or dash. Spaces and special characters (such as !, $, &, ?) are not allowed.

We recommend that you use dns or ns in a server name. For example, dns1.yourdomain.com / dns2.yourdomain.com.

How many DNSs can be created at most?

A maximum of 13 DNS names can be created, as specified by the Registry.

Is IPv6 supported?


How many IP addresses are supported at most?

A minimum of one and a maximum of 13 IP addresses can be added for a DNS, as specified by the Registry.

Can a server name be changed or deleted?

No. Take extra caution when you create it.

Can an IP address be changed or deleted?

Yes. But at least one IP address must be retained.

What else do I do after a DNS is created successfully?

Before or after a DNS name is created, you must add a corresponding A record to the current DNS. Only after such operation will a created DNS become effective.

For example, you want to create a DNS “ns1.a.com” using the domain name “a.com”. (Suppose the IP address is

  • If the domain name "a.com” uses Alibaba Cloud DNS ns1.hichina.com/ns2.ahichina.com,

    before or after the DNS ns1.a.com is created, you must add an A record of “ns1.a.com” to Alibaba Cloud DNS to point to the created IP address (

  • If the created DNS “ns1.a.com” is used to resolve the current domain name “a.com”, you must add an A record to the server for “ns1.a.com” (Suppose the IP address is

Does a server become effective immediately after being created?

Generally it becomes effective within a few minutes after being created.