1. Update contact information (if necessary). Update and verify the administrative contact information for your domains. Confirmation emails for all future transfer requests are sent to the updated email.
  2. Unlock your domains (if necessary). Domains cannot be in the Clienthold status.
  3. Disable transfer protection. Disable transfer protection for your domains (if applicable).
  4. Get an authorization code (also known as an EPP code or a transfer key).


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Domains console. In the left-side navigation pane, click Domain Transfers-In > Transfer Domain Name In.
  2. Enter the domain and authorization code, and click Submit.

    To transfer multiple domains:

    • Use a space to separate a domain and its authorization code. Use new lines for each domain. Press the Enter button on the keyboard to start a new line.

    • To transfer a large number of domains at a time, you can edit all the lines of domains and authorization codes in a text editor (such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or Notepad), and copy and paste them in to the list.

    • You can transfer up to 200 domains at a time.

  3. Select a registrant profile that is in Authenticated by real name status and click Next.

    You cannot submit it if the selected profile is not in the authenticated by real name status.

  4. Confirm the order and click Pay.
  5. Confirm transfer of international domains.

    To transfer international domains, make sure that you provide a frequently used email that can receive messages. A transfer confirmation email is sent to this email address for international domains. Log on to the email address to confirm the transfer. For transfer of domestic domains, skip this step.

    To view the registrant email address:

    Go to Alibaba Cloud: View the email address on Whois.

    Go to the original registrar: Contact original registrar for the registrant email address.

  6. Verify the authorization code. The authorization code you entered is verified automatically. After verification, the domains are transferred to Alibaba Cloud. As specified by the registry, it may take up to seven days for the transfer to  complete.