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What operations must I not do while using Alibaba Cloud services?

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2018

To guarantee the system stability, users are prohibited from the following operations. Otherwise Alibaba Cloud may not be able to resolve issues caused by these restricted operations:

Do not delete PV Drivers in Windows.
PV Drivers are virtual drivers of ECS instances. To guarantee the service remains smooth and uninterrupted, do not perform any operations on the programs.

Do not change the MAC address of the NIC.
The IP address and MAC address of an ECS instance are fixed and the underlying services are bound to them, therefore the IP address and MAC address cannot be changed. If the MAC address of the host is changed, server network exceptions may occur.

Do not enable Selinux service.
Alibaba Cloud Linux servers do not support the Selinux service. If this service is enabled, the service may become unavailable.

Do not compile the Linux system core.
The core of Alibaba Cloud systems are developed to integrate Alibaba Cloud’s virtual drivers. If you compile the core, unexpected problems may occur in the system.

Do not deploy virtual programs on ECS instances.
An ECS instance runs on a virtual platform. If virtual programs are deployed on an ECS instance, unexpected problems may occur.

Do not reset the system if you have not backed up the data.
Resetting the system may cause data loss. After the system is reset or changed, the data and snapshots on the operated disk are lost and cannot be recovered. If you want to reset or change the system, backup the important data in advance.

Do not enable NetWorkManager in Linux.
Do not enable NetWorkManager in Linux, as it conflicts with the internal network services of the system, and cause network interruptions.

Do not terminate the shutdown.exe process in Windows.
The shutdown.exe process is an important system process. If it is terminated, commands issued on the console cannot be executed successfully.

Do not modify the directory permissions in the / partition in Linux.
Do not modify the directory permissions in the / partition, especially the permissions for directories including /etc, /sbin, /bin, /boot, /dev, /usr, and /lib. If the permission is improperly modified, service interruptions may occur.

Do not delete or rename the administrator account in Windows
The default administrator account of the system is named as administrator. Only the administrator account can change the server logon password. Therefore, if it is renamed or deleted, you cannot change the password successfully.

How to change computer names in Windows:
To change the computer name in Windows, the related key values in the registry must be updated as well. Otherwise, the change fails, and as a result, some third-party applications cannot be installed. The following key values in the registry must be modified:

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