You can label and classify VPN gateways by attaching tags to them. Using tags can help facilitate resource search and management.


Classify VPN gateways by tag

As shown in the preceding figure, it is difficult to manage a large number of VPN gateways. You can use tags to group VPN gateways. This allows you to search and filter VPN gateways in a more efficient way.

A tag is a label that you can attach to a VPN gateway. Each tag is composed of a key-value pair. Before you use tags to manage VPN gateways, note that:
  • The keys of tags that are attached to the same VPN gateway must be unique.
  • Tags must be attached to VPN gateways.
  • Tag information is not shared across regions.

    For example, in the China (Shanghai) region, you cannot view tags of instances that are created in the China (Hangzhou) region.

  • You can modify the key and value of a tag, or remove the tag. If you delete a VPN gateway, all the tags that are attached to it are removed.


You can attach up to 20 tags to each VPN gateway. You cannot increase the quota limit.

Manage tags

The following table lists the operations that you can perform to manage tags.
Operation Console API
Attach tags Attach tags to a VPN gateway TagResources
Attach tags to multiple VPN gateways at a time
Search VPN gateways by tag Search VPN gateways by tag ListTagResources
Remove tags Remove tags from a VPN gateway UnTagResources
Remove tags from multiple VPN gateways at a time