Narrowband HD TM 1.0 is based on Alibaba Cloud's exclusive transcoding technology, which optimizes videos to lower bandwidth costs without sacrificing video quality. This is achieved by performing intelligent analysis on each scene, movement, content, and texture in a video.


An ApsaraVideo VOD bucket is created in the region where you want to optimize your video. For more information, see Manage VOD resources.


  • Narrowband: reduces unnecessary bits.
  • HD: allocates bits to where the bits can create the most value.

About definition

ApsaraVideo VOD provides definition presets that support Narrowband HD™. Narrowband HD™ transcoding can be applied to videos in the MP4, Flash Video (FLV), and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) formats. The following table lists the presets provided by Narrowband HD™.
Definition Bitrate range (kbit/s) Resolution - width (pixels)
Low definition ≤ 400 640
Standard definition ≤ 800 848
High definition ≤ 1500 1280
Ultra high definition ≤ 3000 1920
2K ≤ 4000 2048
4K ≤ 8000 3840


  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo VOD console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Configuration Management.
  3. Choose Media Processing > Transcode. The Transcode page appears.
  4. Click Create Template. The Added Transcoding Template Group page appears.
  5. Specify Template Group.
  6. In the Normal Transcoding Template section, click Add Template.
  7. Configure Narrowband HD™ 1.0.
    1. In the Basic Parameters section, select mp4 or hls from the Encapsulation Format drop-down list.
    2. Set Definition to one of the options that include Narrowband HD1.0.
    Configuring narrowband HD™ 1.0
  8. Click Save.