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ApsaraVideo VOD:Apply for a FairPlay Streaming certificate

Last Updated:Feb 27, 2024

ApsaraVideo VOD supports DRM encryption based on Widevine and Fairplay Streaming. To use DRM encryption based on Fairplay Streaming, you must apply for a certificate from Apple. This topic describes how to send an application to Apple for a FairPlay Streaming certificate.


  • ApsaraVideo VOD is activated.

  • A partnership agreement is reached with content providers before you encrypt copyrighted content.

  • An Apple Developer account is created and you are an Account Holder.



ApsaraVideo VOD requires you to upload the certificate file and application secret key (ASK) that you obtain from Apple. Keep these information confidential.

  1. Log on to the website of Apple FairPlay Streaming with your Apple Developer account.

  2. Click Request FPS Deployment Package. On the page that appears, submit the required information.

  3. Download the deployment package.

  4. Decompress Follow instructions in the extracted documentation to create a password-protected private key file and a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file.

  5. Follow instructions in the extracted documentation to upload the CSR file to Apple. Then, an ASK is returned. Keep the information confidential.

  6. Wait for a FairPlay Streaming certificate to be issued. Then, download the certificate.