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ApsaraVideo VOD:Integrate the upload SDK for iOS

Last Updated:Nov 29, 2023

Before you use the upload SDK for iOS to upload media files, you must integrate the SDK. This topic describes how to integrate the upload SDK for iOS.


iOS 8 or a later version is used on your terminal device.

Usage notes

The upload SDK for iOS does not support programming in the Swift language.

Integrate the upload SDK in pod mode (recommended)

  1. Run the pod 'VODUpload' command to add the dependencies of the upload SDK to the Podfile file.

  2. Run the pod repo update command to update the pod repository.

  3. Run the pod install command to install the upload SDK.

Manually integrate the SDK

  1. Download the upload framework VODUpload.framework. For more information, see SDK download.

  2. Download the OSS framework AliyunOSSiOS.framework. For more information, see SDK download.

  3. In Xcode, drag the VODUpload.framework and AliyunOSSiOS.framework to the Target project. In the dialog box that appears, select Copy items if needed.

  4. Add the following system dependencies:

    1. AVFoundation.framework

    2. CoreMedia.framework

    3. SystemConfiguration.framework

    4. MobileCoreServices.framework

    5. libresolv.9.tbd

Configure the project

After the upload SDK is integrated, open the project and modify the configuration.

  1. Choose Build Setting > Linking > Other Linker Flags.

  2. Add -ObjC.