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Voice Service:Pricing of international voice services

Last Updated:Nov 27, 2023

International voice number billing rules

The cost of international voice number is divided into monthly fee of international voice number and call fee of international voice number, that is to say, the call fee of voice verification code, voice notification and voice group call is charged according to the price of outgoing (or incoming) call of the country of the number.

For example, if you want to use a Thailand number for voice verification code notification, you need to purchase a Thailand DID number and pay the monthly fee first, and then pay the call fee corresponding to the actual call duration according to the rate of Thailand outbound call fee.

Rules for billing the monthly fee for a number:

  • International voice number is DID number, after purchasing a DID number, you will incur a monthly fee.

  • Monthly charges will be deducted. The monthly rental fee for a single number may vary in different countries or regions. The billing will start from the month the number is activated, and if it is active for less than a month, it will still be charged for the full month.

  • If you do not want to use the number, please cancel the number on the number management page of the International Voice Service Console in a timely manner. Charges will still be incurred in the month of deregistration.


Due to the scarcity of international numbers, we do not provide cancellation service during the contract period; however, once the contract period is over, if you decide not to use the number anymore, please cancel the number in time to avoid incurring additional monthly fees.

Billing rules for international voice numbers:

The international voice number call charges include the cost of making voice notifications, sending voice verification codes, and generating voice conference calls using the international voice number.

Currently, international voice services are only available on a pay-as-you-go basis, with different unit prices for different countries or regions. For the pricing and billing method for incoming and outgoing calls using international voice numbers, please contact your account manager.

Monthly Rates for International Voice Numbers

The following table shows the monthly rates for selected countries or regions. Pricing fluctuates in real time and the table is for reference only. Please contact your Business Manager for more information about monthly rates or call rates in your country.

  • The estimated delivery lead time after purchasing an international voice number is 15 business days.

  • The number type is 2-way PSTN and the connection protocol type for dialing the number is SIP over IP.

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