Time Series Database (TSDB) is a highly reliable and cost-effective time-series database that provides efficient data reading and writing capabilities, high-compression-ratio storage, and time-series data interpolation and aggregation. TSDB has wide industrial applications including Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring systems, enterprise-level energy management systems (EMS), production safety monitoring, and electric power detection systems.

TSDB provides you with the capability to write millions of time-series data points within seconds, together with the benefits of high compression ratio, low-cost data storage, downsampling, interpolation, multi-dimensional aggregation, and query results visualization, which helps you solve issues such as high storage cost and low writing & query efficiency caused by massive data-collecting points on devices and high frequency of the data collection.

TSDB is a distributed time series database. Not only does it protect data with multiple replicas, but also provides highly available service. In addition, TSDB’s elasticity enables customers to conviently and dynamically adjust TSDB cluster based on their business traffic.

The architecture of TSDB is as follows.

TSDB edge (Time Series Database Edge) is a low-cost, stable and reliable version deployed on the device side. TSDB edge solves the high storage cost and inefficiency of read-write analysis caused by the huge number of device collection points and high data collection frequency. It provides up to 15:1 data compression rate, which greatly reduces the cost of data storage for users; and also provides the fast write speed, large throughput, and high storage reliability with HA function. TSDB edge supports localized edge storage and computing capabilities as well as data synchronization and breakpoint resuming transmission from edge to center, and data is cached at edge. TSDB Edge supports flexible deployment with one-key installation, independent from other external components.