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Last Updated: May 19, 2022

You can connect Lindorm Time Series Database (TSDB) to Prometheus. TSDB offers a high-performance, low-cost, stable, and reliable online remote storage solution for Prometheus. TSDB provides efficient read and write operations and stores data at a high compression ratio.

  • TSDB can be integrated into Prometheus. TSDB supports native protocols used in Prometheus and provides remote storage for Prometheus.

  • If you use a traditional method to connect a remote storage system to Prometheus, you must develop a remote storage adapter. If you connect TSDB to Prometheus, no remote storage adapter is required. This significantly reduces the costs of remote storage for Prometheus.

  • TSDB is highly compatible with the Prometheus Query Language (PromQL) syntax. This reduces the costs of development, migration, and maintenance.

  • The local storage provided by Prometheus is insufficient for storing large volumes of historical data. The local storage provided by Prometheus cannot be scaled. TSDB helps resolve these issues.

You can connect TSDB to Prometheus in the following scenarios:

  • Use Prometheus to monitor containerized applications in Kubernetes clusters.

  • Use Prometheus to monitor databases.

  • Use Prometheus to monitor application services.

  • Use Prometheus to monitor O&M resources. For more information about the scenarios of Prometheus, see Prometheus official documentation.