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Last Updated: May 19, 2022

This topic introduces the Standard Edition of Time Series Database (TSDB) for InfluxDB®.


TSDB for InfluxDB® provides two editions: the Standard Edition and the High-availability Edition. This topic introduces the Standard Edition. The Standard Edition is also known as the single-node edition. A TSDB for InfluxDB® instance of the Standard Edition contains a single node and uses disks to ensure data reliability. This edition is cost-effective.


A TSDB for InfluxDB® instance of the Standard Edition does not have a secondary node for hot backup because the instance contains only one node. If the single node of the instance unexpectedly fails, the instance becomes unavailable. If you change the configuration or upgrade the database engine version of the instance, the instance also becomes unavailable. In these scenarios, the instance may remain unavailable for a long period of time. If you require high service availability, we recommend that you do not use the Standard Edition. You can use the High-availability Edition.

The following figure compares the topology of the Standard Edition and that of the High-availability Edition.basic-ha


The Standard Edition supports features such as IP whitelisting, monitoring, and data migration. You can use these features to perform the following operations:

  • Manage user accounts and databases

  • Migrate data

  • Monitor cloud instances

Use scenarios

  • Internet infrastructure monitoring

  • Container monitoring

  • Monitoring and analysis of business operations

  • Remote real-time monitoring of IoT devices

  • Security monitoring for industrial production

  • Production quality assessment and fault backtracking