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Set data's validity period

Last Updated: May 19, 2022

To avoid the situation that newly generated data cannot be saved due to the fully-used storage space, TSDB provides the data’s validity period function. After the data’s validity period is enabled and specified, the system automatically deletes the data that have passed the validity period.

  1. On the Instances page in the TSDB console, click Manage in the Actions column of the instance.

  2. In the menu at the left of the Instance Details page, click Data Validity Period.

  3. On the Data Validity Period page, specify the data’s validity period.

    1. In the Data Validity Period field, move the slider to enable the data’s validity period function.

    2. In the Validity Period field, specify the data retention days, that is, the number of past days for which the data is retained.

  4. After the settings are complete, click Save.