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Reduce scanned data points to improve query efficiency

Last Updated: May 19, 2022

This topic describes how to increase query efficiency by reducing the number of scanned data points in a single query.

The query efficiency increases as the number of matched data points decreases in a query. Therefore, we recommend that you use exact query criteria.

  • You can use the following methods to reduce the number of scanned data points:

    • Do not collect data based on milliseconds. The time spans of the data that is to be queried depend on data collection intervals. We recommend that you collect data based on coarse-grained time intervals.
    • Align the start time and the end time to the top of the hour to avoid additional data queries.
  • The response time for queries depends on the amounts of data to be aggregated. A longer period is required to aggregate more data.

  • You cannot cancel queries after the queries start to run. Therefore, we recommend that you select suitable time ranges and tag filter conditions for the queries.