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Last Updated: May 19, 2022

Time Series Database (TSDB) provides API operations that can be used to manage TSDB instances and data in your TSDB instances. You can use a non-Alibaba Cloud system or tool, or a self-managed platform to call the API operations to manage your TSDB instances and data.

Intended users and suitable scenarios

TSDB API can be used to manage resources and maintain TSDB instances. You can call TSDB API to perform operations such as instance lifecycle management, instance information maintenance, and basic data management.

Intended users of TSDB API:

  • Users who have activated TSDB and want to manage TSDB instances on self-managed platforms that provide customized management features.

  • Users who know the features of TSDB and want to use the features of TSDB on self-managed platforms.


  • TSDB API is available only for services that are deployed on Alibaba Cloud public cloud. For information about the regions where TSDB API is available, see the information about the available regions.

  • You must connect your client to the Internet to call TSDB API. Otherwise, API requests cannot be sent.

  • TSDB API provides services over HTTP and provides average performance and efficiency. You can use TSDB API to manage your TSDB instances. We recommend that you do not use TSDB API in production environments that require high concurrency to process large amounts of data.

Basic principles

TSDB API provides services over HTTP. When you use an SDK to call an API operation, an HTTP request is sent to the Alibaba Cloud application gateway. Then, the gateway forwards the request to TSDB.