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Last Updated: May 19, 2022
  • Why am I unable to find a TSDB instance when I create a TSDB data export task in the Log Service console?

This is because the region where your TSDB instance resides is different from the region where your Log Service system resides. Currently, Log Service and TSDB can exchange data only when they reside in the same region.

  • How do data export tasks in Log Service process missing or incorrect log records when log records are exported to TSDB instances? How do the data points that correspond to the missing or incorrect log records are written to the TSDB instance?

By default, if log records cannot be converted to TSDB data points, the data export tasks set the fields of the corresponding data points to the default values. The possible causes of the data conversion failures are incorrect log records or data type incompatibility. The default values for the fields of the numeric, string, and Boolean data types are 0, empty strings, and false, respectively. Data export tasks continue to run if incorrect log records are found.