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Time Series Database:Introduction to TSDB for InfluxDB®

Last Updated:Jul 10, 2021

TSDB for InfluxDB® is a time series database service to process high read and write workloads. This service can be used to store large amounts of time series data for real-time analysis. For example, you can use this service to store DevOps monitoring data, application metric data, and data collected from IoT sensors.


TSDB for InfluxDB® is an optimal choice for you to process time series data. It provides the following benefits:

  • Provides high-performance storage specific to time series data. The Time-Structured Merge Tree (TSM) engine is used to provide features such as high-speed reads/writes and high-performance data compression.

  • Provides efficient HTTP API operations to write and query data.

  • Allows you to query and aggregate time series data by using an SQL-like query language.

  • Allows you to create indexes for tags to improve query performance.

  • Provides retention policies to automatically clear obsolete data.